Developer DULL DUDE announced on April 22nd, Sandbox Simulation “ DERPY GOD “. The corresponding platform is PC (Steam). September 16 is scheduled for September 16th.

“Derpy GOD” is a story that River, a rebellious lazy god River sitting in the village area, is a story that follows the evil ruler OBSIDIUS in the volcanic area. The player chooses a number of units that exists, and placed on the battlefield. The unit has its own weapons and advantages / disadvantages. Barbarians who have carried a barbarbarberian, a sword with a sword, a nighty night, an elf archer that makes full use of a bow and arrow, grasping the respective nature and build a cloth. If you place the unit and form a formation, you will match the enemy attacked in a wave format. It becomes a goal to protect the temple in its own and maintain the holy force. And destroy the temple in the enemy and win the victory.

“Derpy GOD” can simulate various events and simulate various events. Multiple elements, such as physical operations, fires, floods, and Necromancies, can combine numerous elements to create chaos situations. In addition, it is also possible to play an enemy building with a peeler or throw the soldier itself and throw away the peeler throat. Depending on how you play, it seems that you can fell the tender army unit like rain. Whether or not to work advantageously, it will be the best thing to create a chaotic situation that enemies and siege weapons will turn over.

DO NOT play the sims with no sleep

In this work, it is not the contents of the game only out of the battlefield. It is also an important job to prepare for battle with resources. We will harvest wood in the forest and make blacksmith and mining. Collect resources by working on personnel and create new units in their resources. It is a shortcut to victory to protect the unit and use resources wisely. Then, the sandbox mode is also equipped with “Derpy GOD”. All unit types, works, enemies, beasts, weapons, architectural blocks, etc. can be unlocked and used freely. It will be unlikely to play unlimitedly in the mode with endless possibilities, such as having a shotgun in dinosaurs.

DULL DUDE, which works on the production of this work, is a Studio by Developer’s Iain Lobb and Artist AMANDA LOBB. Amanda provides unique art for her past similar studio works. Iain is a developer who has specialized in Unity since 2013. He has participated in a large number of projects, and he was a joint designer with technical leads in the UK BBC game “The Dumping Ground: You’re THE BOSS”. The same work has won a prize for interactive works in the Child Movie Division of BAFTA (UK Academy Movie Award). Such technological capabilities will be leveraged in “Derpy GOD”.

“Derpy GOD” is scheduled to be released September 16th for PC at STeam.