With the recent film of the film a massive gold talent, Nicolas Cage reveals some crisp anecdotes on his career, an alternative universe where he would have played in the trilogies the Lord of the Rings and Matrix.


And yes, in a parallel world, Neo and Aragorn are interpreted by Nicolas Cage in person. With the exit of the film un massive gold talent, Nicolas Cage (incidentally the nephew of the director Francis Ford Coppola) takes advantage of the promotion of the latter to confirm or invalidate certain rumors around his career. In an interview with the people magazine, he justifies some of his choices that have been strange for the general public, as for example his refusal to play in the Lord of the Rings and Matrix .

I refused the Lord of the Rings and I refused Matrix because I did not want to go to New Zealand for three years or in Australia for three years, because I needed to be at home with my son Weston, it is a fact.

Nicolas Cage has always been required to pass his family before his career. He is today the father of two children, Weston and Kal-El. He is currently waiting for a third with his wife Riko Shibata. Later in the interview, the actor does not hesitate to put his career and his profession into perspective.

I always tell myself that I never needed a career, only work. What I mean by that is that sometimes – and I do not target anyone – you can be obstinate by this “self” vision related to your career, and it can lead you to believing your own myth and to take you too seriously.

A massive gold talent is available at the cinema in France since April 20, 2022. The film plays with the image of Nicolas Cage, since it embodies a character from his own person. He finds himself facing a younger version of himself, forcing him to take stock of his career.

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