At the top of the top, everything is clear: the FC Bayern is Master, even the next Kicker Weekly gatever cannon can be able to schedule Robert Lewandowski for twelve hits ahead. Trainer Julian Nagelsmann has already announced to use the last three gaming days to help a few talents at dedication. A possible destination after all: The 100-goer mark is still within reach at 92 hits, the self-established Bundesliga record (101, 1971/72) also. In the previous year, the counter had stopped at 99.

Safe for the Champions League qualified is also Borussia Dortmund already. And also for the vice-championship – which had gone to Leipzig in the previous year – nothing more is missing: with eight points ahead of the third Leverkusen, two counters range from the last three appearances, including a guest match with relegated Fürth.

Leipzig still has three goals – Freiburg three direct duels

Bayer 04 Leverkusen has again seen the Champions League since the weekend. Three points and the significantly better goal difference separate the Seoane eleven of the fifth Freiburg – on which they meet on the 34th match day. A victory in direct duel could be enough for a top four placement. However, the sixth Union Berlin also lurked and even the seventh 1st FC Cologne.

The best goal difference after Bayern has currently RB Leipzig . She could still become the trump in the race around the royal class. For the Saxony, it is after the painful 1: 2 defeat against Union Berlin, two points lead to Freiburg, four on Union and five to defend on Cologne. With the opponents Gladbach (A), Augsburg (H) and Bielefeld (A), the well feasible, however, Leipzig has a Europe League semifinal in between – and then the DFB Cup final. As a European League winner, RB would also be safe in the Champions League.

For the Sc Freiburg everything is still in the season finale – from Champions League qualification plus DFB Cup victory to nothing. However, the Europapokal participation in itself can barely relax the Breisgauer: because the lead is six points on the eighth Hoffenheim and because it is seventh for the Europe Conference League. With Hoffenheim (A), Union (H) and Leverkusen (A), SC only plays against direct Europe competitors.

For Cologne, the opponents speak – in Hoffenheim it is also about Hoeneß

Of these direct duels could 1. FC Cologne benefit, which beckons the European Cup Comeback after five years. After three wins in a piece, some FC fan has certainly, which is still missing to fourth place – there are five points, in view of the comparatively weak goal difference (+2) ultimately even six. More realistic are the places five to seven, which – because of the constellation in the DFB Cup – probably, all a Europeanapokal ticket ready. What speaks in addition to the shape for the Baumgart troupe: with Augsburg (A), Wolfsburg (H) and Stuttgart (A) wait a cell cart, which in the case of the VfL and the VFB may already have certainty about her destiny.

The TSG Hoffenheim , in winter still Champions League candidate, threatens to give the recent misery of six winless games to give the European Cup. Even the seventh place is already three points away, and it is still against Freiburg (H), Leverkusen (H) and Gladbach (A). At the game is also Sebastian Hoeneß ‘future: he is still bound by 2023, and it is considered unwritten law not to go into a new season with a coach with a new season.

For the table-minded Eintracht Frankfurt is the focus in the final season weeks no longer on the Bundesliga. The great dream is in front of the semi-finals against West Ham of the Europa League title, which would also be rewarded with a place in the Champions League group stage. Whether that’s good news for the last three league opponents Leverkusen (A), Gladbach (H) and Mainz (A) are?

Eight options for Gladbach – Bochum are missing two points

The 1. FSV Mainz 05 , the liga’s broader Away team, has already securely and no prospects for Europe, at the latest after the 0: 5 in Wolfsburg but still a bit of gutting. And it is known to be worthwhile in the final table TV money.

This is also the last “hard” goal for Borussia Mönchengladbach at the remaining matchdays where Leipzig (H), Frankfurt (A) and Hoffenheim (H) wait. Of course eight to place 15 everything is still possible for the foals – though exactly the pallet, which is purely meaningless.

The VfL Wolfsburg is almost saved. At nine points ahead of the third last Stuttgart, the wolves are already running a point from the games in Stuttgart, Cologne and against Bavaria. The jump into the upper half of the table is still realistic at the end of a turbulent season.

The VfL Bochum is also almost at the goal of relegation – only he would have a completely different status at the promoted one than with the Wolfsburgers. Even if the competition gains consistently, the Bochumers only need a maximum of two points against Dortmund (A), Bielefeld (H) and Union (a). You have not been able to descend directly since the weekend.

Hertha can save himself on matchday 32 – VfB has to look down

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In view of the passable goal difference, this also applies to the table-14. FC Augsburg , who can also secure the league remaining on matchday 32. A victory against Cologne would be sufficient – one in Leipzig (33rd) or against Fürth (34th) would alternatively go. Due to the low point distances up, the FCA can also hope for improvements in the TV ranking.

Before the season, the goals were completely different, but if it were over, Hertha BSc would certainly not have any objections. The 2-0 victory against pursuer Stuttgart means: against Bielefeld (a), Mainz (h) and Dortmund (a) at most four points to avert both direct descent and the relegation. If VfB loses against Wolfsburg in parallel, nothing could happen to Berliners with a win in Bielefeld. Then there would also be the two -worst goal difference in the league without consequences.

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The VfB Stuttgart is where it was already at the end of the first half of the season: on the relegation place. With four points behind Hertha, outstanding games against Wolfsburg (H), Bavaria (A) and Cologne (h) and the form of Sunday, the Matarazzo-Elf must even look down: Bielefeld only has two points less (but that Clearly worse goal difference). At least four points are still needed to have a mathematical chance of direct relegation at all. It is not good news for VfB that Hertha and Bielefeld meet directly on the 32nd matchday. Both cannot win, but they don’t lose either.

The weak Arminia has lost again after the coaching change and no longer stayed in the league in his own hands. With a win against Hertha on Saturday, she would suddenly be fully in the race again. There is also an opportunity against Bochum (A) and Leipzig (H) to climb at least to the relegation place.

And the SpVgg Greuther Fürth ? It will leave the Bundesliga again after only one year. In the season finale, the future second division team still offers two opportunities not to say goodbye without an away win. It still goes to Union Berlin and FC Augsburg.