Tom Nook makes life difficult for us in Animal Crossing. The nasty capitalist takes us to line and thread (even if he supposedly donates the money) and maybe he will do even much darker things. According to a fant theory, it could even be that Tom Nook is actually not the one he pretends to be. Maybe behind the cute facade simply hides a person.

Animal Crossing fans think Tom Nook is a person in the Tanuki suit, but that’s rather unlikely

That’s what it’s about: According to a fant theory, Tom Nook should not be tanuki, but a person. Even if Tom Nook looks like a raccoon, it is officially a tanuki that is also called Japanese marten dogs. The animals are an integral part of mythology and a popular fabulous figure in Japan. Among other things, they can transform themselves and traditionally have very large testicles that serve as lucky charms and tools (yes, really).

How do you get on it? That Tom Nook is supposedly not a tanuki, but only wears a corresponding cladding, goes back to a statement by the Axolotls Samselt aka Shrunk in Animal Crossing: Wild World. There the psychologist and comedian explains that we would all wear masks. Even Tom Nook, although he would actually have a complete raccoon suit.

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Of course that makes you start -up. Actually, the statement about masks should be meant metaphorically, but the Tom Nook is mentioned here again and the whole thing is carried out so far. To stay in the picture: Why shouldn’t Tom Nook also wear a mask, but a whole suit, if not behind it?

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If Tom NOOK goes to JAIL, this happens... (Inspo @rajino201 Twitter)

much speaks against it: Apart from the fact that the statement should be a metaphor, there are simply no reasons within the animal crossing world that Tom Nook should withdraw such a show. Some characters like Sina have known him very long and something similar is nowhere else mentioned. At the moment everything actually speaks for the fact that Tom Nook is actually an animal. Of course, the idea still looks amusing (via: screen edge).

What do you say about it? Do you have such a strange feeling at Tom Nook?