[Pub Giggs Moon Young -soo reporter] Craepon (CEO Kim Chang -han) made the first matching grant donation in 2022. Of the members of Kraft Tone, Pub Giggs Studio, and 5 Min Labs, 17 graduates from KAIST computed to commit 100 million won.

The Development Fund will be used for ▲ Student Council and Club Support ▲ Designated Faculty Fund ▲ Expansion of Computer Faculty Buildings.

The Craftton Matching Grant donation, which began in 2021, is a method of adding a company -level matching fund to the fund created by the employees who are in office. It was designed to create a voluntary donation culture and create social value.

The donation of KAIST graduates has been combined with donations worth KRW 11.2 billion.

A New Round of 100&Change

“I received a lot of help from my seniors when I was in KAIST, and I thought it was time to get back to my juniors.” I hope it will be used deep. ”

Ryu Seok -young, a professor of computational at KAIST, said, “The hearts of seniors who think of their alma mater and juniors have led to a virtuous cycle of donations.”

“Anyone in Craftton can donate wherever they want through the matching grant system,” said Craepon Matching Grant donor. said.