Smilegate RPG (CEO Ji Won -gil), Korea’s representative MMORPG (Multi -Contact Role -playing Game) Lost Arc has risen 176% since the new continent ‘Elgasia’ and the new Abyss Dungeon ‘Caryang Gel’ update. It is getting an explosive response from.

Smilegate RPG is a 176% increase in the number of new and return adventures on the same day, the new continent ‘Elgasia’ and the new Abyss Dungeon ‘Caryang Gel’, which will be the turning point of Lost Arc’s huge narrative. It was revealed. As a result, some servers have entry queue, and Lost Arc once again proved its popularity among adventurers.

Lost Arc’s achievements are led by the new continent, Elgasia, which was updated on Wednesday. Elgasia was the first story of the ‘Razenis’ races to serve Loupeon in the continent created by Lupaon, the god of order in the Lost Arc worldview. In addition, the narrative of the Razenis races and Esther, Ninab, and the strongest Esther Kadan, helped the adventurers to face the huge secrets hidden on the Elgasia continent and make an important choice of the world’s fate. It was released through.

In particular, the worldview of Rosk Arc, including the story of the Elgasia continent, has been prepared steadily from the early stages of the project last 10 years ago, and adventurers’ expectations for this update were different. In ‘Elgasia’, the huge narratives that have been led through various continents and contents have been arranged in one through a vast amount of stories that take more than 4 hours, and they have a hot spot for adventurers. In the process, adventurers face the appearance of ‘Paradise of the Un dreamers’, the title of Lost Arc Season 2, and can enjoy the hidden stories of the characters such as a scene from the movie.

In addition, the beautiful OST (Original Sound Track), which is placed in the flow of the story and the atmosphere of various regions of the continent of Elgasia, is also impressed with adventurers. Lost Arc’s OST has been well received for its outstanding quality since its inception, and it is one of Lost Arc’s core content, with many adventurers sharing secondary creations using OST. In particular, the OST, which appears in the second half of the Elgasia Continental Story, has been heating up the YouTube and community since the first day of the update, raising expectations for the official release of the sound source.

The new Abyss Dungeon, which has been updated with Elgasia, is also receiving positive response by giving adventurers a variety of options through excellent combat production and difficulty segmentation.

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Meanwhile, Lost Arc is holding a variety of events that can benefit from the new continental update and daily play. First of all, the ‘Gift of Elgasia’, which will be held until June 22, will allow you to obtain special items such as ‘Mococo Pet’ and ‘Mococo Board’, which are based on Lost Arc’s representative mascot moco. Adventurers can use the ‘Heaven of Heaven’ by accessing the mission every day and exchanged with items such as ‘Peon’ and ‘Navigator’ as well as special pets, rides and avatars. Also, for adventurers who play games in a PC room, ‘Find Gamer Moko Kong!’ The event also runs for the same period. Adventurers can obtain various reinforcement materials and useful items along with ‘Gamer Moco Pet’, which can be obtained only at the relevant event by using ‘PC room token’ that has been acquired by accessing the game in the PC room by June 22. there is.

Smilegate RPG introduces various new continents that expand the story and worldview of Lost Arc, such as Elgasia After Story, New Continental ‘Place’ and ▲ New Continental ‘Bolaik’, and to adventurers. In addition to combat content, the company plans to deliver special memories and experiences in the Lost Arc worldview through a solid story.

CEO of Smilegate RPG Suwon Gil said, “Thank you for enjoying the Elgasia Story, which celebrates Lost Arc’s huge narrative turning point, and we will try to listen to more diverse stories in the future.” I hope you enjoy the fun of adventure in the field. ”

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