Arielle, the mermaid , is definitely one of the timeless classics of Disney. The history of Arielle, Ursula and Co still inspires people worldwide. Since the publication of the original in 1989, not only a successor has been created, but also a Broadway musical. Even the real film has already been turned off and has received a fixed start date for next year. As with many popular franchises, it is above all the fans who make it a little magical. A creative Reddit user has now proudly presented herself in her Arielle cosplay.

De Kleine Zeemeermin | Liedje: Diep In De Zee | Disney BE

Awesome Arielle Cosplay makes hearts of Disney fans beat faster

The resourceful cosplayer named Asheliahime posted a picture of her Arielle cosplay on Reddit. She sits like a real mermaid on the beach and looks dreamily into the sunset. Of course, she wears a turquoise fin and that for arishes typical purple mussel top . But that’s not all, the cosplayer also presents the mermaid’s red mane and has also been based on the template in make-up.

Little Mermaid, as the original English title is, was an enormous success for Disney at all levels. Not only did the film play just under $ 210 million worldwide, but also won numerous awards and also created one of the most iconic songs of all time with “Under the Sea”. Among other things, the film won two Oscars ** in 1990, in the category “Best Film Music” and “Best Song (” Under the Sea “)”. Arielle, the mermaid, heralded a new age for Disney and chalied from King of Lion to Aladin one hit after the other.

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