It is a trademark of Assassin’s Creed games: the assassin robe with its striking hood. Altair wore she, Ezio wore her, even rudimentary assassins like eggvor hide with her help. However, the outfits are usually more for the catwalk than for the fight.

Who wants to be beautiful must suffer

If you have already made up with one of the classic assassins through enemy masses and jumped quickly over roofs, you might have thought: what he has on, that has to be annoying in the fight and parkour, or not?

Modern Assassin's Creed Costume Review
Seen in this way, yes , because the hood alone limits the field of view of the assassins unnecessarily, which is a clear disadvantage in the fight. And then there would be the rest of the outfits like the cloak and the belt buckle that can unnecessarily disturb.

We already get the impression in trailers like Assassin’s Creed Revelations. Admittedly, it looks stylish and Ezio drops the cloak, but with the hood it makes it only unnecessarily difficult:

Even if the extended perception of the eagle eye may compensate for the restrictions somewhat, assassins such as Ezio pay for their traditional appearance to damage the anonymity will in the form of more enemy. It would therefore not be wrong if you changed your tailor. Instead of bulky and restrictive assassin robe, light and inconspicuous clothes would be an advantage.

a question of perspective

But what luck that we confidently don’t care, how our assassins – apart from armor values of the newer games – run around. Because logically we only talk about a game with a third-person perspective and not of reality. All of this scratches the immersion at most, but it has no effect in a playful way. The guards don’t even notice if a strikingly well -dressed assassin jumps off the roof in front of their nose.

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Strictly speaking, the outfit debacle is more of a problem for the games. In books, the situation looks a little different, as fans on Reddit make clear. For example, Ezio, for example, also attracts the occasion more often.

In addition, carrying the hood in the older games is also based on a technical decision. In contrast, for example, Jacob and Evie really only wear their hood in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla we can also put on and drop them at them at their own discretion.

And where we are already in design decisions: The fact that we fight so much in close combat with our hoods, of course, serve fun. A real assassin usually escapes direct confrontation by secretly killing the shadow. Then a hood doesn’t bother either.

But how do you see that? How do you like the assassin outfits? Should they be designed to be realistic?