In Wild Rift, goals win in games. The total number of murders of your team can quickly become invalid if the enemy’s team manages to capture the senior dragon and baron of Netron. Although the murder of the dragons of the elements can be a light walk for many champions, this cannot be said about the baron.

Killing a baron is a difficult task, and the efforts of the whole team are almost always required. Victory over him gives the team a huge time for recovery for several minutes, and also strengthens the minions on the allied line. Nevertheless, there are several champions whose sets allow them to fight with the baron alone and effectively change the course of the battle.

Master yi

Possessing a crazy amount Theft of life along with a set that gives him trucks True damage , master yi – King Solo in the baron. In the early game, Yi may not be the strongest, but by the middle and late game it can become the power to be reckoned with. With a bonus of true damage that he receives from his third ability, Woodju style in combination with a high speed of attack from his Ultimate, yi can melt the baron alone at the later stages of the match.


It is not surprising that Shivana is a good choice for a single game with a baron – in the end, she is a dragon herself. Shivana has a lot of health and endurance, and she also causes great damage. Using his ultimate, Dragon descent turns Shivan into a dragon and buffa all her abilities, and gives her additional health . She also receives bonus buffs from the murder spontaneous dragons So do not forget to get these goals before trying to Baron’s solo.


King Barbarians has a unique style of play, and he may not be the best choice for beginner players. However, as soon as its ultimate becomes affordable, the trindammer becomes indestructible – literally. When using Tryndamere, it becomes indestructible for five seconds , regardless of how much damage it will receive. His kit gives him an increase Critical chance and heal . Be sure to take the blade of the deceased king as the first subject, and he is well scalable with his abilities.


The Amumu, a sad mummy, can cause a lot of grief at the end of the game of both the baron and enemies. Thanks to its huge health and constant damage area , the amum can quite easily defeat the baron. However, in order to fulfill this task as quickly as possible, the amum must build a high ap damage in its kit. During the game in the Amuma, we recommend taking Blue Guard Buff before going to the baron, as this reduces the restoration of abilities and increases mana regeneration.

Wild Rift ULTIMATE Baron Lane Guide


The Olaf set makes it stronger as his health falls. Its passive, rage of Berserker increases its attack speed by 1% for each lost 1% health. Along with this, his second ability,cruel blows allows him to make a bonus theft of life and increases its recovery of all sources. To maximize its liability, build the power of the Trinity since the passive effect of this object gives a bonus the speed of attack and speed of movement *.

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