Netmarble announced the start of preliminary registration for the global closed alpha test of the Royal Battle of Hypesquad, which will be held from June 13 to 20, 2022. Anyone can sign up through the official website of the game. For participation in the upcoming testing, developers promise to give a special skin.

HypeSquad | ???? Alpha test info in the description!
In Hypesquad, players will unite in teams up to 3 people and will fight with other detachments for the right to stay alive. In just one match, 60 users will participate in one match, that is, 20 teams.

In total, 6 different heroes will be presented, each of which can have two types of weapons in the arsenal. During the battle, players will be able to use various items and improvements to turn the course of the game. Also, various objects will be installed throughout the map that accelerate or thrown a hero.

The date of the Hypesquad release has not yet been announced, just like all available platforms. The upcoming closed alpha test will only be held on a PC.