Below is a complete step -by -step guide on how to defeat Grayson, a gunsmith in V Rising. The details provided should be more than enough to find and defeat this boss in the game.

V ascending Grayson, the location of the gunsmith

Find Grayson, gunsmith, V Rising is a rather simple task. Just go to the Armory of the bandits, as shown on the map below. Go to the rear of the arsenal to find it.


Recommended equipment to win over Graison, gunsmith in V Riding

The recommended level of equipment for the battle with Graison is at least 27, but the level of equipment 30 will provide an easier battle. The presence of a 30th level of equipment also means that you can immediately use the items received after winning Graison.

You can increase the level of your equipment by creating a complete set of Nightstalker armor. For the recruitment, 6 pieces of skin and 4 pieces of rough thread for each element of armor are required.

In addition, you will receive 16 copper ingots and 12 boards to increase the level, creating copper weapons. Finally, 8 grave dust and 40 mourning lily are necessary for the graveter ring to bring your equipment to almost 30. Do not forget to save enough parasitic slaves in case you lose health during the battle.

how to defeat Grayson, gunsmith in V Riding

Grayson, gunsmith is a level of the 20th level and the fourth boss that you will encounter when exploring Farbein forest in V Rising. If you have already committed Kili, an ice archer, and Errol Stonelah, this battle will be quite easy.

If you are in the clan, you can fight Graison with your friends and family. If not, you can go alone.

As soon as you notice Grayson, he will immediately begin to attack you. He will start by throwing thorns to the ground, which you should avoid. If you step on them to get damage, quickly use your parasitic slave for treatment.

Use axes, swords or spears in this battle. The presence of fast weapons with a good speed of attack is recommended, but not necessary. If you are fighting with the clan, you can equip one or two players with a mace to quickly defeat Grayson.

Please note that Grayson makes strong attacks in close combat. He also throws traps between his hand -to -hand attacks, which will prevent your mobility. Fortunately, you can just stay in the distance or circle around, so as not to step on these traps. Use Veil of Blood to quickly leave the road.

V Rising Grayson the Armorer Boss Rewards

When you finally be able to defeat Grayson, gunsmith, you will receive the following awards:

  • Abilities: crimson aegis
  • Designs: working boards with five fingers, long boards, a set of figurines.
  • Recipes: Current stone