On the 25th, Crossfire: Region was released on Steam.

Crossfire: Region is a real-time strategy game (RTS) developed using crossfire IP, and was developed by Blackbud Interactive, which is the main crew of Home World. Three forces dominating the crossfire world are set in the background of the World War, which fights for their ideology.

Crossfire: Legion NEW old school modern RTS and base building game???? from developers of Homeworld

The player leads one of these forces. Each unit has a skill, and the commander has a unique ability to overturn the charter, so it can make a variety of strategies. Based on this, they will collect resources in various regions and fight the other party to take advantage of them. At present, the campaign mode containing the narrative of Crossfire has been released until the first act, and you can enjoy two-person cooperation or Daejeon multiplayer.

However, immediately after the launch, the Steam user evaluation is ‘complex (54% positive)’, which is a bad start. The greatest complaints have been raised in paying goods to obtain a locked unit in the game. It is also pointed out that it is also pointed out that the number of people lacking in the operation of the unit forces, the operation of the unit army, and the production of units are somewhat insufficient in the production of units.

Developer Blackbird Interactive announced that it will continue to update content such as new units, maps, and game modes based on player feedback.

Meanwhile, with the launch of the previous year, the ‘Crossfire: Electronic Sports League (ESL) Player’ tournament will begin on June 5th. Users can participate in the qualifiers in their own regions, among the three regions: Asia, Europe, and North America, and the application will be closed on the same day.