Focus, spoiler! Wenn you are currently still playing the Go Fest 2022 as well as does not yet want to know what awaits you at the end of special research with Shaymin, after that do not read any kind of additionally here.

And also primarily it is finally clear what awaits us tomorrow as a secret raid boss.

This is research study: Saturday is all concerning study on Shaymin, in which you can pick different courses. In the long run, every path leads you to the mysterious Pokémon-and certainly to Professor Willow, who comments on the entire thing customarily.

He speaks of reminding him of Hoopa-at the very least removed. But also for him it looks even more like a worm opening that has opened.

This is the sign of tomorrow: The talkative teacher at the end congratulates you on your encounter with Shaymin-and finally notices an odd hole overhead.

Daspokémon Go Fest 2022 is in full swing and hence also researching Shaymin. At the end there is currently a teaser that awaits us tomorrow.

this will possibly be the new 5-star raid employer for the Go 2022 tomorrow

That suggests the worm hole: In Pokémon Go, the ultra-stones were lately introduced, which are still understood from the sun and also moon video games of the primary collection. They are the opponents of the island guards who appeared in the video game in the previous few weeks.

These monsters additionally travel via measurement websites. Worm openings, just as they showed up above the head of the good professor.

Interest, spoiler! Wenn you are currently still playing the Go Fest 2022 and also does not yet desire to understand what awaits you at the end of special study with Shaymin, then do not check out any additionally here.

Of program, among the other ultrabesties can additionally show up as an employer morning. According to the present standing, this is instead not likely.

The very first of these ultra-annions in the primary games was the jellyfish beast Anego. This was lately presented in connection with Pokémon Go. In the meantime, it is a relatively winner that this beast will certainly look like a boss tomorrow. Far, Niantic is still covered.

What else represents it is your Pokémon storage space: If you send a number of beasts there as well as additionally include epic monsters, you will certainly receive an advertisement that claims: Care, your selection includes either famous, strange Pokémon or Ultrabestia.

Daspokémon Go Fest 2022 is in full swing and also thus additionally researching Shaymin.