On the 10th, Epic Games Korea announced that it will offer free masterpiece games ‘Manata’, which will be released as part of Epic Mega Sale. ‘Mantata’ is an open world action game with a narration flows along the growth of the main character ‘Food Shark’ in the play process.

‘Manata’ is an open world action adventure game with cannibal sharks. Starting from a small cub shark, surviving in a cruel environment, and heading to the top of the ecosystem’s food chain. You can enjoy a variety of open worlds, such as evolving and collecting items, as well as a ferocious wild animal, as well as various types of humans. In particular, the inner voice of the shark and the surrounding ecological description conveyed through the documentary-style narration provide unique fun with black comedy and self-humor.

Meanwhile, Epic Games has introduced ‘Borderland 3’, ‘BioShock: The Collection’ and ‘Wolfenstein: The New Order’ as a free masterpiece game for the past three weeks. Epic Mega Sale includes ‘Ghost Wire: Tokyo’ (34%), which offers the first discount, ‘Park Rai 6’ (50%), ‘Tiny Tina Wonderland’ (20%), and ‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’ The latest popular works and indie games such as (29%) and ‘Sipu’ (20%) and indie games are offered at a discount of up to 75%.

In addition, Epic Games Store users will receive unlimited Epic gift certificates that can receive an additional 25% discount during the Epic Mega Sale. Epic gift certificates that can be used for events can be used if the total amount of the game to be purchased is more than 15,000 won.

Park Sung-cheol, CEO of Epic Games Korea, said, This year, this year, the finale of the ‘Epic Mega Sale’ free masterpiece game series, which is a special open world action adventure game that can be played as a predator of the sea. Thank you for your support for three weeks of Epic Mega Sale, and I hope you will enjoy the benefits of the remaining week of sale, including the free masterpiece game ‘Mantata’.

Meanwhile, the Epic Games Store will participate in the global game show ‘Summer Game Fest 2022’, which will be held for five days from the 10th (domestic), and will unveil the main title in the second half of the year.