Foodle is a verbal game developed by Daniel Anyansvoka and inspired by Wordle. The biggest difference between Foodle and Wordle is that Foodle requires players to come up with answers to questions about food. The game took off shortly after the development, and playing it is quite easy.


Rules Foodle and how to play

Players should come up with a word of five letters to insert an answer related to food, for example icing . You will receive feedback from flowers, depending on what word you have gained. Green means that the letter is in the right place, yellow means that the letter is correct, but not in that place, but gray means that the letter does not belong to the word. generally.

We recommend starting with sauce because it takes care of three vowels. After six attempts to correctly guess the word, you will have to repeat the attempt the next day. Foodle has the correct answer for every day, like Worldle. Every day a new verbal answer is added to the list. Foodle website, so you can return every day for a new test. Foodle will like the chefs and food industry enthusiasts more than other Wordle products.

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