The AMD Ryzen processor engineering SAMPP with an OPN code of 100-000000709-23_n lit up on the network. Information about the family and models indicate that we have a Phoenix Point processor, and this is a stone on the Zen 4 architecture, which is produced according to the 4-nanometer process and intended for laptops.

On the Milkyway website, this processor is designated as a 16-way, which means that we have an 8-core mobile processor on Zen 4. It is likely that this is the flagship of the family. Earlier, we have already seen two other OPN code, which belonged to 16 (100-00000065-21_n) and 8-core (100-00000066-21_n) engineers from the Raphael family (table solutions).

The AMD Phoenix Point has the official release date of the processors, but rumors say that laptops with them will begin to appear in the first quarter of 2023. APU data will combine the Zen 4 processor nuclei, as well as the built-in graphics of RDNA 3.