** -Instead of starting the pre-character, server and nickname preemption.

** -If you authenticate on the event page after the character creation

Level Infinite announced today that it will start producing pre-characters and customizing events in the mobile MMORPG , which is developed by Tencent’s Aurora Studio and is scheduled to service.

offers a chance to create pre-characters by 8 pm on the 23rd so that users can use their customization functions.

In particular, if you create a pre-character, you can preoccupy server and nickname.

At the same time, we plan to provide various events for users who have created pre-characters and provide more various benefits.

First of all, if you register the customization of the pre-characters and register the customization on the event bulletin board, it will reflect the user’s response and draw the top users to present a profile picture and prizes drawn by the goods set and CM.

In addition, even if you open an open chat room to certify and use the characters you created, you will receive an AirPod Pro and Goods set through the lottery.

In addition, after creating pre-characters, if you create an open chat room or sign up, you will also offer additional items depending on the number of members of the chat room.

is currently in advance of pre-registration and presents emoticons collaborating with Baduk to all users who participate in pre-registration through Kakao.

Meanwhile, the game has recently attracted attention such as achieving 1 million pre-registrants.

For more information about , please visit the official lounge.