A few days ago, many reports appeared on the Web that the small 2230 SSD in Steam Deck can be replaced without any problems with a larger 2242. Designer Lawrence Young from Valve turned to Twitter to the console users and spoke about his concern about the reliability of the device after such modification.

Young claims that the inside of the console next to M.2 SSD slot is very sensitive to nutrition, as well as modifications of thermal stories. He clarified that the elements next to the SSD can overheat due to a change in the location of the thermal stumps mentioned, as well as that the larger SSD consumes more energy. These two problems, as the designer claims, can significantly reduce the service life of Steam Deck.

Fortunately, there are not very many reasons for updating SSD using the models described by moderators. Nevertheless, the console has a slot for a microSD card, and they are now quite cheap and are sold with volumes to a terabyte. More recently, by the way, flash drives were announced at 1.5 TB.