I am not sure about How to get all the secret planets in Solar Smash? Then, we have it covered. Solar Smash is a planet destruction simulator, where players can destroy entire planets with the help of weapons such as nuclear missiles, lasers and more.

Apart from all regular planets, there are some secret planets in Solar Smash, and if you are not sure what they are, here is a look at each. **** Secret planet along with how to unlock it in Solar Smash.

How to get all secret planets in Solar Smash

There are a total of eight secret planets and that is how to get all the secret planets in Solar Smash.

Flat land

Terraplanists rejoiced, Solar Smash has a secret planet called Flat Earth that can be unlocked. To unlock the flat earth, simply configure the laser in 5 and use it to get rid of the upper and lower parts of the planet. When only the central part is, press the restart button and obtain Flat Earth as a goal.

Earth cube

The Earth’s Cube, also known as what Earth would be if we were in a Minecraft world, seems surreal floating in the emptiness of space. To unlock Cube Earth, go to the configuration of your grid and configure the values x, and z in the middle, then lower each axis in a notch.


Then, destroy the rest of the earth. Since everything that is inside the blue grid is protected, you can participate with your destruction business. Make sure the cube is as flat as possible. Once you have the perfect bucket, restart the planet and get Cube Earth.

Rosquilla Earth

If the flat or cubic land is not yours, then there is even a donut-shaped planet in Smash. The step to unlock Donut Earth is something similar to the flat earth. Simply get rid of the upper and lower parts, but also create a hole in the middle. Then, cut a circle in the middle of the earth and press restart. That is, you will have your Donut Earth.

Ghost world

Ghost World can be unlocked by attacking the earth with a million explosions. Go to the monster tab and choose the purple ghost weapon. Then, the earth begins to fly. When you see an achievement notification for breaking the land in pieces, that means that the ghost planet has unlocked.


Solar Smash carries the strange of the planet to another level with a planet giant snowman. To unlock the snowman, use the Freeze Ray and cover the entire Earth with ice. Once the whole planet is covered by a thick layer of ice, restart the planet. Now, you can select the snowman of the unknown system category.

Trick or Treating

If yours is Halloween and you once wanted to turn the earth into a giant pumpkin, your desire has been fulfilled. To get the planet trick or treatment, use the planet killer that is located on the UFO tab, the second weapon from above. Then, play it anywhere on Earth. The ray will heat the nucleus of the earth, causing it to explode after a few seconds.

Now, you will need to timet this part well. It must wait until the earth is about to explode and when the earth has become almost bright orange, press restart. If you do well, you will unlock Trick or Treat.

gingerbread Man

To unlock the planet Gingerbread Man, use planet killer in Snowman. After a while, the snowman will begin to shine of bright orange. Once this happens, you should see how the Planet Killer probe teleportes. Now, restart the planet and you will have unlocked the planet Gingerbread Man in Solar Smash. Similar to Trick or Treat, this requires some precision and synchronization.

World of blocks

The last secret planet in Solar Smash is Blockworld. To unlock the planet Blockworld, you must first get the secret planet Cube Earth.

Then, select Cube Earth and display a curative missile, which can be selected by pressing the single picture next to the other weapons. Curative missiles emit a green regenerative fog to the contact that remains for a while. While the fog is in the Earth’s cube, presses to restart. And unlock the planet Blockworld.

That is all about how to get all secret planets in Solar Smash . To get more tips and guides, be sure to look for Smash. As always, feel free to read the relevant links below.

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