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BVB: Jew Bellingham increases in the hierarchy: an indicator

Jude Bellingham is the new 3rd captain at Borussia Dortmund. The young Englishman had already shown in the pre-season that in spite of his age, he was currently among the leaders in the yellow and also black.

If Marco Reus and also Mats Hummels are not on the area, this is now underpinned by Edin Terzic’s choice to transfer Bellingham to Bellingham.

In the most recent test game against FC Villarreal (0: 2), Bellingham took control of the captain’s office for the initial time when Reus was replaced in the 70th minute. Hummels was no more on the yard during that time either. Terzic then validated that it was by no ways accidental.

This is a sign. Jew is the 3rd captain, said the 39-year-old after the loss versus the Spaniards in a media round. Bellingham was one of the few gamers that stood on the pitch over the entire video game.

Jude Bellingham has actually long been an indispensable component of the group of Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund. The new BVB head trainer Edin Terzic currently has actually the 19-year-old climbed up in the group’s interior pecking order.

Terzic according to BVB bankruptcy: That doesn’t really feel good

Bellingham was one of the couple of players who stood on the pitch over the entire game.

How pleased can you be? A lot has occurred today, said Terzic on Friday night after the dress rehearsal for the upcoming cup battle in the third division 1860 Munich. In addition to the two defeats, BVB lastly needed to manage the failing of Sébastien Haller, in which a pet tumor was detected. We currently had two video games, two beats. Most importantly, we yielded five objectives once again. That doesn’t feel good. It frustrates us most as we obtained them.

A lot has happened this week, said Terzic on Friday evening after the dress wedding rehearsal for the upcoming cup duel in the 3rd department 1860 Munich.

In the most recent test video game against FC Villarreal (0: 2), Bellingham took over the captain’s office for the initial time when Reus was changed in the 70th minute. Terzic after that confirmed that it was by no ways accidental.

Nonetheless, Terzic likewise took a couple of advantages out of the video game. You currently have to lessen blunders, however it is not yet worried.

For Borussia Dortmund, the insolvency was already the second within a couple of days. Previously, the runner-up had actually defeated FC Valencia (1: 3).

Salzburg commemorates clear home win against Austria

For the Austria, which began with 3 minus factors, it was the seventh defeat in a row against the series master. The violets were too inadequate in the first 45 mins to take a counter from Wals-Siezenheim.

Salzburg clearly won a racy in the Bundesliga season versus Austria. The champions won 3-0 on Friday evening thanks to a rise in efficiency in the 2nd half. Benjamin Sesko (37th) brought the house side in front of 11,156 spectators after an exchange of strikes in the very first quarter of an hour. Newcomer Fernando (56.) Hit with a weapon shot prior to the choice was made with Noah Okafor (61st) Salzburg’s 3rd offensive male.

Fernando shone behind dual leaders

The Austria sought her redemption in rate, released the pushing and also brought the defensively not persuading master to falter. After a broad Bernardo layout, the Slovenian distributed the round to the bar (14th), Austria Marvin Martins damaged the play tools with the heel on the objective line. A minute later, Gruber ran away Salzburg’s back group, yet fired past the long corner.

In the first house appearance, Salzburg trainer Matthias Jaissle depend on Adeyemi successor Fernando behind a double pointer with Okafor as well as Sesco. Maximilian Wöber began as captain like in the Cup on the left in the chain of 4, as well as the routine Andreas Ulmer stayed on the bench again. At Austria, Lukas Mühl was missing out on in the protection. The Favoritner’s neo-captain had left on Friday morning to the approaching birth of his daughter. Johannes Handl changed him rather than the sick Aleksandar Jukic started Can Keles.

Nicolas Capaldo invited Austria with a funding wrong pass after only 20 seconds, but Manfred Fischer, Keles and also Andreas Gruber might not capitalize. The brand-new Austria goalkeeper had to toss his 1.93 m into the balance versus the approaching 23-year-old shortly later on (9th).

spirited class was a rash

Früchtl conserved the Austria in an one-on-one versus Capaldo from the 2nd goal, however after that he was also powerless. After a throw-in, Fernando was launched from around 18 meters and hammered the sphere on the right into the Kreuzeck. The management of the Jaissle team was currently should have, the Viennese rarely obtained on the offensive. They needed to be visibly tribute to the speed.


The bulls made the choice quickly as well as with the assistance of the challenger: Koumetio made a hair-raising mistake with a bad hand down Sesko, Okafor was on the area. According to Gruber’s Schubser, the Swiss fell in the penalty area, however according to Var sight, the 911 was not provided as a result of a previous foul by the striker (68. ). Austria was still battling to rack up an objective. Salzburg played the no victory home.

Salzburg ultimately struck many thanks to its playful course. The strong Luka Sucic offered the thread with a suitable pass on Okafor, Sesko cleaned off Fernando’s header. The Austria had one option quickly before the break.

Salzburg clearly won a racy in the Bundesliga season versus Austria. Nicolas Capaldo welcomed Austria with a funding wrong pass after just 20 secs, but Manfred Fischer, Keles and also Andreas Gruber could not exploit. The Austria sought her redemption in rate, introduced the pushing and also brought the defensively not convincing master to fail. After a broad Bernardo theme, the Slovenian flowed the sphere to the bar (14th), Austria Marvin Martins damaged the play devices with the heel on the objective line. Früchtl saved the Austria in an individually against Capaldo from the 2nd goal, yet after that he was also helpless.

Nexon, Project MOD Developer Partnership

[CEO Lee Moon Young-soo] Nexon (CEO Lee Jung-heon) announced on the 22nd that the developer’s partnership program ‘Developer Wings’ (hereinafter referred to as Wings 2022) in the content production and service platform ‘Project MOD’ has been on schedule.

Wings 2022 is a program that provides various benefits, including development support, so that potential developers can create fresh content as a production tool provided by the project MOD. Domestic and overseas developers with various genres of game launches will be selected and participated in this event.

Nexon will hold an online orientation on the 22nd for the final Wings 2022 participants and guide you to the program detailed procedures and benefits. Participants will receive up to 10 million won in development subsidies when they produce content in the project MOD through the mission given to the stages of November 14th.

Since then, Nexon has selected an excellent work among the project MOD content released through Wings 2022, and held the awards ceremony at the end of the year. ) Provides a total of 240 million won in prizes.

In addition, Nexon will introduce a total of 1.5 billion won in development partnership programs, including the Wings 2022 development support, as well as the outstanding prizes and marketing support costs provided by the winners.

In addition, during the event, the project MOD Developer Center, Forum, and Discord will be used to actively share the development know-how among participants. The Live Wings Day event, which is directly communicated by the Project MOD Development Office and participants, will also be held in September.

Shin Min-seok, director of Nexon, said, I think all participants who are together through the Wings 2022 are partners who are going with the project MOD.


The project MOD, meanwhile, is a meta bus platform that allows anyone to freely produce, service and play together. It provides intuitive production functions to make it easier to create content, and more sophisticated development is possible when programming is used.

How to unlock the Vargo-S

The Vargo-S was referred to as a high-precision attack rifle with a high rate of fire . It is characterized in battles at tool and also lengthy range as well as can have quick handling and also stability with the best accessories. The Vargo-S has all the prerequisites for being the finest attack rifle as well as providing the meta for this season. We maintain you approximately day with the very best Vargo-S-Loadout and just how it takes on other tools.

This is every little thing we understand concerning the Vargo-s presently. You can discover more warzone and Vanguard material on our particular websites. We cover brand-new weapons, new gadgets, totally free trial versions and a lot more.


Just how to obtain Vargo-S in Warzone & Vanguard.

The Vargo-S can quickly be activated in Warzone and Vanguard Conclusion of obstacles in the video game connected to it. We are not yet sure whether this relates to the period pass or otherwise, however we will keep you up to day if we understand. For the time being, have a look at the period pass as well as the tool tests to see the unique attributes of the difficulty linked with the Vargo-S.

Call of Duty: Warzone obtains an all new midseason update that has a brand-new assault rifle called Vargo-S. The midseason update brings the terminator and also portable implementation balloons, it is constantly amazing when there is a new tool to enjoy. Just how to unlock the Vargo-S in Call of Duty: Warzone and Vanguard

Call of Duty: Warzone receives a brand name new midseason update that includes a new assault rifle called Vargo-S. The Vargo-S can conveniently be turned on in Warzone and Vanguard Conclusion of obstacles in the video game linked to it. The 2nd option to open the Vargo-S in Warzone and Vanguard is Acquire the tool construction plan from the store package that will certainly be released later on this period.

The second option to open the Vargo-S in Warzone and Vanguard is Get the weapon building and construction strategy from the store package that will be launched later this period. You can acquire it in the shop if you desire to access the Vargo-S quickly. If you desire it totally free, you can complete the challenge to obtain it.

Call of Duty: Warzone is now readily available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Collection S/X.

Just how to fix the defective tracker in Stray

It can be pretty vague exactly how you should fix the broken tracker stray . Exactly how to fix the defective tracker in Stray

Streunen is now offered for computer, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

After the defective tracker has actually been fixed, go back to Seamus and also reveal him the fixed item. They both take place their way to discover Doc, his dad.

Your following step is to fix the defective tracker so that you can discover Doc, Seamus’ papa. You have to go to Elliot shows that is very easy to locate by reviewing all street indications.

There are many various other collectors in the slums in Stray, such as the outsider note pads. We can help you to locate them all with all the door and also safecodes, the sheet music, the energy drinks and far more. Whatever you hang on, make certain you do it Have a look at our stray page to get the answer .


After scraping the door as well as getting in elliot programs, Elliot, that is located on the second flooring, will repair the broken tracker. As quickly as he has the coat as well as is nice and cozy, Elliot will assist you with all the technological points you need.

How to fix the defective tracker in Stray.

  • This short article was updated on July 20, 2022

It can be pretty vague how you need to fix the broken tracker stray . Your next action is to fix the defective tracker so that you can locate Doc, Seamus’ dad. As quickly as he has the coat and is great as well as warm, Elliot will certainly help you with all the technological points you require. Whatever you hold on, make sure you do it Take a look at our stray page to get responses .

How much is it from the previous work of 10 million foldable phones. Samsung Galaxy Z4

Samsung Electronics plans to unveil the foldable phone Galaxy Z4 series through the Galaxyan Pack in New York on the 10th of next month. Samsung Electronics is leading the foldable phone market with a 85% share (as of 2021), so the industry is drawing attention to the technology evolution of Samsung Electronics’ 4th generation foldable phone Galaxy Z4 series.

Since Samsung Electronics introduced the world’s first foldable phone in 2019, we looked at the change and technology evolution of the foldable phone market.

■ Twice this year’s growth forecast… Shipping amount of 10 million units

Samsung Electronics launched the first Galaxy Fold ‘Galaxy Fold’, which is folded in vertically in September 2019, in September 2019, 8 years after the flexible display prototype released in 2011. Starting with this, in 2020, Samsung Electronics confirmed the foldable phone lineup as ‘fold’ and ‘flip’ by introducing the second foldable phone ‘Galaxy Z Flip’. Flip is a clam shell that folds the phone horizontally.

Since then, the company introduced ‘Galaxy Z Fold 2’ in September 2020, and in August last year, ‘Galaxy Z Fold 3’ and ‘Galaxy Z Flip 3’ were unveiled at the same time. On the 10th of next month, ‘Galaxy Z Fold 4’ and ‘Galaxy Z Flip 4’ will be debuted in the world.

The foldable phone accounts for less than 1% of the total smartphone shipments, which is still difficult to say ‘mass product’. But the market is growing steadily every year.

According to market research firm counterpoints, Samsung Electronics’ foldable phone shipments recorded 370,000 units in 2019 and 2.1 million units in 2020, and more than four times more than the previous year.

Last year, ‘Galaxy Z Fold 3’ and ‘Galaxy Z Flip 3’ left a record of lightly exceeding Samsung’s 2020 foldable phone sales in about a month after its launch. It also surpassed 1 million units in 39 days of launch in Korea al1. In particular, the popularity of Galaxy Z Flip 3, which is small and easy to carry, has led to the growth of the foldable market.

The popularity of foldable phones continued in the first quarter of this year. According to the Supply Chain Consultant (DSCC), foldable smartphone shipments in the first quarter were 2.22 million units, up 571% year-on-year. Samsung Electronics’ foldable phone share in the first quarter is 75%, and shipments are estimated at 1.665,000. In the foldable phone market, Huawei ranks second with a 20% share, and the market share of Chinese smartphone brands such as Xiaomi, Oppo, Honor, and Vivo is 2%, respectively.

This year, Samsung Electronics’ foldable phone shipments are expected to exceed 10 million units for the first time. The counterpoint predicts that the Galaxy Z series (fold, flip sum) shipments will reach 12.5 million units this year.

The annual sales of 10 million units are the annual sales volume that Galaxy Note has been maintained since its launch in 2011. While the Galaxy Note series has been discontinued, it is significant in that it can be replaced by Samsung Electronics’ representative model in the second half of this year if the foldable phone achieves more than 10 million units. In addition, R & D efficiency and production yield of parts companies related to foldable phones are also expected to stabilize.

Samsung Electronics also said in the first quarter earnings conference call, The foldable phone market is expected to grow doubled this year, he said. We will make the Galaxy Z series a flagship product comparable to the Galaxy S product.

Meanwhile, Samsung Electronics foldable phone shipments are also indicated by the industry that the outlook may be adjusted according to the consumer response after its launch. This year, the global recession is decreasing for the quarterly smartphone shipments, which can also affect foldable phone shipments.

■ Foldable phone popularization… The price barrier is lowered and wrinkle improvement is key

The main factor was that the Galaxy Z3 series, which was released last year, was more popular than its predecessor, overcoming the shortcomings of existing models and lowering the price to around 20%.

‘Galaxy Z fold 3’ is equipped with UDC (Under Display Camera) to enhance design completion and display utilization, and weighs about 30g lighter than its predecessor. ‘Galaxy Z Flip 3’ has expanded its availability by developing external displays. In particular, it provides a variety of cover screens and customization functions through large external displays, causing the demand for MZ generation.

In addition, ‘Galaxy Z Fold 3’ and ‘Galaxy Z Flip 3’ were the first foldable phones to receive IPX8 waterproof rating.

The core technology that pays attention to the Galaxy Z4 series this year is the improvement of display wrinkles.

According to a famous IT tipster (information leaker), the screen wrinkles of the Galaxy Z4 series have been significantly reduced than the previous 1. In addition, the battery capacity, which was dissatisfied with consumers, is also expected to affect the purchase of foldable phones. The battery capacity of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is expected to be 4,400mAh, which is the same as its predecessor, but the Galaxy Z flip 4 is 3700mAh, which is expected to increase 4000mAh from its predecessor.

In addition, the Galaxy Z4 series is equipped with the ESIM function in addition to the slot that plugs the existing physical simsim (USIM and general-purpose child-specific modules). The charging speed is also expected to increase from 15W to 25W. The AP is equipped with the first generation of Snapdragon 8 Plus (+).

The launch price of the Galaxy Z4 series is also expected to affect the increase in shipments. If the performance improves at a reasonable price, the demand for foldable phones can increase rapidly. In the meantime, the price of foldable phones, which is more expensive than a regular bar smartphone, has been burdened with purchases.

The factor that the Galaxy Z3 series was more popular than the previous series was that Z Fold 3 was released for the first time for less than 2 million won. The prices of the previous work Z-Fold and Z Fold 2 cost 2,398,000 won. The consumer price of the Z Fold 3, which was released last year, was 1999,000 won (256GB) and 2098,000 won (512GB). The Z flip 3 also lowered the price as it was released to $ 999 (1254,000 won).

At the same time, the outlook for the Galaxy Z4 series will be released with the previous work and the price is lowered than the previous work.

DSCC said, Samsung Electronics is expected to lower the price of the Galaxy Z4 series than its predecessor as Samsung Electronics raises expectations.

Grounded (Obsidian) will be the subject of an adaptation in animation collection

In July 2020, the studio Obsidian Entertainment launched the early access to Grounded (pending a final release next September) as well as we uncovered a video game occupying basically the concept of the filmché, I have actually shrunk the kids _. Just returning points, the video game will clearly return to the screens, however this time in the form of computer animation collection. This is what Due date believes.


The collection would certainly have job to take the world of the game straight: 4 good friends mean to take advantage of their summertime to attain terrific points before going into high institution; Their projects are disturbed when confronted with a narrowing modern technology that miniaturizes them. They will have to make it through in a garden which handles the look of a jungle inhabited by awesome predators, while seeking to prevent a conspiracy theory which endangers their city.

Soulstice gameplay trailer shows a new character and battle with monsters

The publisher of Modus Games and the DePly Game Studios developer has released a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming Soulstice slaower, where the players are waiting for paired exciting battles in the gloomy fantasy world.


In this video, the developers presented a new character under the name Sir Donovan. He, like the main characters, is a chimera and uses his skills in confrontation with monsters. In addition, we are shown various types of techniques, from air shredions to super-attacks, along with several types of weapons that can be changed right during the combo.

The release of Soulstice will take place on September 20 at the PC, Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5. If you are interested in the game, you can go to its official website and register for access to a demo of the PC, which will take place in August.

Stardew Valley mit Survival: Steam

If Stardew Valley as well as Animal Crossing got a youngster, it would probably look like Dinkum.

Steam-Charts: Go cozy to Wander off, another adorable journey comes

As in Animal Crossing, it is based in Dinkum on an island, which is based on the Australian wilderness . So tropical woodlands and also scorching deserts await you.

The normal jobs include developing a residence, catching pests, shutting relationships and expanding crops. A vibrant mix of Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing .

In enhancement to the top placement in the top sellers, the Vapor players price the game with absolute top marks similar to Stardew Valley or Animal Crossing. Of the virtually 1,000 evaluations, 95 percent declare .

For some time now, the CyberPunk cat experience Stray is enthroned in starting point on the Heavy steam charts, yet in 2nd location it has actually lately made the LIFE SIM video game Dinkum comfy.

Dinkum, nevertheless, is still being broadened by a couple of survival elements **: quest pets, safe food and also defend on your own against deadly animals.

What else do you require to understand about the Stardew Valley choice?

Dinkum is currently still in a early gain access to version and is anticipated to be in it for one more year. The sole designer James Bendon has actually spent three years of job in the farming game as well as is currently describing the video game as usable. Some core functions, more objects as well as personalities along with other tasks are to be included gradually.

If you already wish to get the experience, you can secure Dinkum by July 21 with a discount rate of 10 percent on Vapor.

What Dinkum makes fantastic fun is the possibility to play with your pals in the co-op as well as thus make your islands unsafe together. However, there is presently no common development. As in Animal Crossing, you can check out each other and also work, for example, to construct the island, but this only profits the proprietor of the same.

_ Ihr would Stardew Valley desire with even more magic? You must take an appearance at Little Witch in the Woods: _


If Stardew Valley and also Animal Crossing got a youngster, it would most likely look like Dinkum.

Dinkum is presently still in a early access variation and also is anticipated to be in it for an additional year. What Dinkum makes terrific enjoyable is the opportunity to play with your pals in the co-op and thus make your islands risky together.

Buy PS5 on July 15, 2022 in a ticker – is there a drop after the Prime Day?

Where you can buy a PS5 currently, you can learn in the ticker on MeinMMO. We will show you the suppliers and deals for PlayStation 5 that are currently providing. Right here you can read if you can buy a PS5 at MediaMarkt, as well as Co.

Update from July 15th at 8:19 a.m.: Great morning every person! After MediaMarkt/Saturn was a lengthy time with a drop yesterday, we are enthusiastic for today. Right here you can find the feasible consoles/bundle:

  • Sony PlayStation 5 with drive at MediaMarkt
  • Sony PlayStation 5 Digital Edition at MediaMarkt
  • Sony PlayStation 5 with Horizon Forbidden West as well as Gran Turismo 7 near MediaMarkt
  • Sony PlayStation 5 with Horizon Forbidden West and Uncharted Legacy of Burglars at MediaMarkt
  • Sony PlayStation 5 with Death Stranding Directors Cut near MediaMarkt
  • Sony PlayStation 5 with Dual Feeling Planetary Red at MediaMarkt
  • Sony PlayStation 5 with Ghost of Tsushima and also Death Stranding Directors Cut at MediaMarkt

Where do our information come from?
At MeinMMO we get our information concerning PS5 sales, declines and also reports from various forums, disharmony servers, social media sites and also are always very closely in contact with different experts. We examine every solitary source and the dealerships every hour to guarantee that we can provide you the freshest information and provides at any moment.

Naturally, we are in activity all the time today in order to be able to educate you concerning everything essential regarding the PS5 and also your schedule.

For everybody that has not yet been fortunate with the acquisition of a PS5, the following offers are still offered:

The list of all dealers that you should keep in view today and as a whole:

Germany: .

  • PS5 Disc Edition + Horizon: FW + 12 months PS And also When it comes to brand-new agreement with E How basic- > Although the make-up of the PS5 bundle continues to be identical, the energy distributor minimizes the one-time additional repayment for the costs of the console from 299 euros to 249 euros. Furthermore, the fundamental cost in the MeinSmart tariff is minimized by one more 5 euros per month. You save yourself 60 euros a year.
  • Sony Xperia 1 IV with PlayStation 5 and Treaty O2 Grow with 40+ GB

Austria: .

Where you can purchase a PS5 currently, you can locate out in the ticker on MeinMMO. Below you can read if you can purchase a PS5 at MediaMarkt, Amazon and also Co.

Update from July 15th at 8:19 a.m.: Excellent early morning everyone! * PS5 Disc Edition + Perspective: FW + 12 months PS And also In the case of brand-new agreement with E How easy- > Although the composition of the PS5 bundle stays identical, the energy vendor minimizes the single extra repayment for the premium of the console from 299 euros to 249 euros. Important: With Libro as well as MediaMarkt (Austria), no shipments are possible abroad.

_ The offers detailed right here are given with so-called associate links. With an acquisition by means of one of these links, you will sustain MeinMMO: Without the influence on the price, we will receive a tiny commission from the provider.

MediaMarkt-last decrease 61 days ago.
Globe of Games.

Media market.

We will always educate you of the most current developments in updates. Furthermore, your comments throughout the last waves have shown to be very valuable. So please proceed to assist and also understand us as well as various other viewers if possible if the PS5 appears somewhere summarily to ensure that we can include it here in the post.

Amazon-last decrease 2 week ago.
MediaMarkt-last decrease 59 days ago.
Euronics-last decrease 77 days ago.
Expert-last decrease 265 days ago.
Alternate-last decrease 12 days ago.
Saturn-last drop 57 days ago.
Otto-Last drop 7 days ago.
Müller-Last decrease 62 days ago.
Medimax-last decrease 109 days ago.
MyToys-last drop 13 days ago.
Gamestop-last decrease 12 days ago.
Video game grotto-last decrease 47 days ago.
Conrad-only branch sales.

Switzerland: .

Important: With Libro as well as MediaMarkt (Austria), no deliveries are feasible abroad. There is only delivering on Austrian addresses. You do not get PS5 provided to Germany from Switzerland either.

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