With the news that Craepon will hold the Battlegrounds Smash Cup (BSC) Season 7 online on July 9 and 10, the players’ Battleground (Battleground) esports competition will be held in the second half of the year. Announced.

BSC Season 7 is a tournament where domestic teams check for electricity before the start of the East Asian Regional Competition. A total of 16 teams will participate in the team. The total prize money is 30 million won, and the winning team will receive an additional Weekly Weekly Final Ticket and Weekly Survival Map choice of the next week’s Weekly Weekly Series (PWS): Phase 2.

BSC Season 7 will match 5 matches on the first day, the same as BSC Season 6, and on the second day until the winning team comes out. If a team with a total point of 70 or more with kill points and ranking points, the game will end immediately, and the team that eats chicken will be the champion of BSC Season 7. In Season 6, the winning requirements, which scored more than 60 points, were adjusted to 70 in Season 7.

PLS: The Open Slot Team BGP (Hunger), who participated in BSC Season 7 through Season 2, is a team of retired professional players and belongs to PIO (Cha Seung-hoon), who was very active in Zenji e-sports.

2022 PWS: Phase 2 will run from July 20 to August 28 after the end of the BSC season 7. Including Korea’s BSC Season 7 participation teams, 48 teams with the best skills among Japan and Chinese, Chinese, Hong Kong/Macau teams are 195 million won and regional competitions. ‘We will compete for tickets for tickets.

The competition structure is the same as last PWS: Phase 1. Each week, 10-match weekly survivals are held for each region, and the top teams who have earned a lot of cumulative points in each region will enter the Weekly Finals. At Weekly Finals, which runs every Saturday and Sunday, teams from each region compete a total of 10 matches. For two days, the parking team will be determined by the victory team, and Weekly Final’s No. 1 team will earn 10 million won.

This PWS: Phase 2 will offer some of the Weekly Survival. Every Wednesday and Thursday 16 teams will cover eight teams to enter the Weekly Finals at the Vita 500 African Colosseum Stadium in Seoul and Jamsil.

The Grand Finals will be selected for the top 16 teams according to the cumulative point ranking of the Weekly Finals 1-4 weeks. However, according to the ‘Grand Final Total Point’ system, which was newly established from this tournament, the top three teams of the total points accumulated in Weekly Finals 1-4 weeks will receive the Grand Final Privilege Points. The first team is 20 points, the second place, 10 points, and the third place 5 points, and the point is applied to the Grand Finals, so the team that shows even four weeks will be able to take advantage. The Grand Finals will be held in a total of 20 matches for four days from August 25 to 28 and 5 matches per day. The final winner will be determined according to the cumulative point ranking of the Grand Final Match.

The Grand Final winning team will earn 80 million won and will participate in the PCS 7 Asia in September. PWS: In addition to the Phase 2 champions, seven teams will receive the PCS 7 Asian seed in accordance with the Grand Finals final rankings. In addition, PWS: The top four teams of Phase 2 will also be given a different PGC point that can participate in the Battleground esports ‘Pub Global Championship (PGC)’, which is scheduled to be held in November.


All matches between BSC Season 7 and PWS: Phase 2 are broadcast live at 7 pm on Battleground esports official YouTube, Twitch, African TV and Naver TV.

The schedule and contents of the PCS7 Asia and PGC 2022 will be announced later, and details of BSC Season 7 and PWS: Phase 2 can be found on the official Battleground esports website.