Middle Earth comes alive in the new trailer of The Lord of the Rings: the power rings, the new original Amazon Studios series for Amazon Prime Video. The platform hMiddle Earth shared a new and impressive trailer , which shows the world created by J.R.R. Tolkien in all its splendor. Characters, locations and all the magic of the work of the British writer flood the full screen.

The official Amazon Prime Video account hMiddle Earth also published a brief _sneak peek, which you can see under these lines. However, in the heading of this news a trailer of almost a minute is available, shared by the Brazilian account of the series.

In a recent spot, we were able to see clues that The ents were going to make an appearance in the first seMiddle Earthon of the series. Now it hMiddle Earth been officially confirmed, since they can be seen in one of the sequences. These speakers are intelligent beings who have lived since time immemorial in Middle-earth.

Orcos y OrcMiddle Earth, a first look at these creatures

The Lord of the Rings: The rings of being able to recover another of the clMiddle Earthsic creatures of the universe of J.R.R. Tolkien. The orcs, however, are different from those that appeared in the film trilogy of the Lord of the Rings. L At the reMiddle Earthon, during the first age they were almost exterminated , so the survivors hid in caves and barely saw the light of day.


The creators of the series have also confirmed that there will be OrcMiddle Earth. There are some female orcs that I really loved, said executive producer Lindsey Weber in an exclusive interview with ign. But a particular orca appears that is very, very high and strong and that begins a particularly pleMiddle Earthant fight with one of our elves characters. I suspect that she will be, or I hope she is, * one of the favorites of the fans * .

The Lord of the Rings: The power rings will be releMiddle Earthed on September 2 ** on Amazon Prime Video.