[CEO Lee Moon Young-soo] Nexon (CEO Lee Jung-heon) announced on the 22nd that the developer’s partnership program ‘Developer Wings’ (hereinafter referred to as Wings 2022) in the content production and service platform ‘Project MOD’ has been on schedule.

Wings 2022 is a program that provides various benefits, including development support, so that potential developers can create fresh content as a production tool provided by the project MOD. Domestic and overseas developers with various genres of game launches will be selected and participated in this event.

Nexon will hold an online orientation on the 22nd for the final Wings 2022 participants and guide you to the program detailed procedures and benefits. Participants will receive up to 10 million won in development subsidies when they produce content in the project MOD through the mission given to the stages of November 14th.

Since then, Nexon has selected an excellent work among the project MOD content released through Wings 2022, and held the awards ceremony at the end of the year. ) Provides a total of 240 million won in prizes.

In addition, Nexon will introduce a total of 1.5 billion won in development partnership programs, including the Wings 2022 development support, as well as the outstanding prizes and marketing support costs provided by the winners.

In addition, during the event, the project MOD Developer Center, Forum, and Discord will be used to actively share the development know-how among participants. The Live Wings Day event, which is directly communicated by the Project MOD Development Office and participants, will also be held in September.

Shin Min-seok, director of Nexon, said, I think all participants who are together through the Wings 2022 are partners who are going with the project MOD.


The project MOD, meanwhile, is a meta bus platform that allows anyone to freely produce, service and play together. It provides intuitive production functions to make it easier to create content, and more sophisticated development is possible when programming is used.