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Where to find black truffles in Tower of Fantasy

Black truffles can be found in the Warren area in the fantasy tower. These are rare species of mushrooms that can only be found in a few places in this snowy region. You will not have problems to recognize it because of its black color. This is a valuable culinary ingredient, so try to collect them as much as possible. This is where to find a black truffle in TOF to cook delicious food!

all locations of black truffle in Tower of Fantasy

Contact the Black Truffle icons above to find all the location of the black truffles in the Warren region in Esperia.

How to get black truffles in Tower of Fantasy

You can find black truffles in Warren Snowfield, part of the Warren area in Asteria. They are very close to each other, so you will quickly gather many of these dark mushrooms. But be careful, as this booty can be dangerous. You can find black truffles in large pits, where some enemies will try to complicate the situation a little. If you are fast enough, you can just run and collect without fighting.

What to do with black truffles in Tower of Fantasy

Like most Tower of Fantasy ingredients, black truffles can be consumed raw. Thus, you will restore 4 satiety and restore 15,000 life points and another 7% of health. These are good numbers, but you can get even more if you prepare a dish, such as fried rice with truffles that restores 20 satiety units. To do this, use a culinary robot and prepare excellent dishes.

To cook more in Tower of Fantasy, you will need more ingredients. Find out where to find the purple YAMS in Tower of Fantasy, where to find a salad in Tower of Fantasy, and you will also need all the locations of suppliers of objects and food products in Tower of Fantasy.

How to fix CS: Go Vac could not verify the session error of your game

Imagine sitting at Disfrutruta some cs: go after a long day and then this error appears on the screen and ruins a planned meeting session with some friends. Fortunately, there are ways to solve this problem so that no one ends up throwing their PC from a high building. Here are some ways of Solve the error CS: Go Vac that could not verify its game session .

How to fix CS: Go Vac could not verify the session error of your game

Next, there are 9 different methods to correct the error CS: Go Vac which could not verify its game session. Keep in mind that it is likely that some of these corrections do not work, so simply check the list and continue testing different possible solutions until one stays.

Restart the PC

Yes, we are telling you to turn it off and then turn it on again. It is a very basic solution of problems, but it is the first thing to do with most PC games problems. If that works, then congratulations. If not, it is time to deepen the weeds.

Make sure it is not prohibited by empty

Source: Valve

It is not necessary to say that an Emb prohibition can also lead to this error. The majority of people who play CS: GO regularly should know if their account is blocked, but it is possible that players return after years of absence do not remember. Anyway, it is still important to verify because an VAC prohibition is essentially a death sentence for an account. No amount of problem solving will avoid it.

Review the integrity of the CS files: go and solve the problems

A problem with the CS game files: Go can make players find the EMB error could not verify. These are the steps to verify and solve file integrity problems:

  • Right click on CS: Go in your library and click Properties
  • On the left side of the screen, click local files
  • Click Verify the integrity of the game files.

Executing this verification will also correct any error that meets the game files.

Close session and log in to Steam

Make sure your authentication of two factors and their password are ready, since this method is useless without them. If this does not work, then it is time for another simple problem solving step before something more drastic.

Run Steam and Cs: Go as administrator

Before opening Steam, right click on the initiator and choose to execute the application as administrator. Then, click the right button in CS: Go in your library and do the same. If that doesn’t work, then it’s time to take Steam closer to Steam.

Steam repair

This error could also be an indication of a corrupt Steam installation. You will not know certainly until you try to repair the Steam initiator. For this solution, first find out where Steam was installed. For most people, it will be located in C: Program Files (X86) SteambinsteamService.exe. Review this location again to ensure that SteamService.exe is there. Otherwise, verify similar locations in other units.

Once the SteamService.exe location is located, it is time to open the running box by pressing the Windows + R key or click with the right button on the Windows key and then press run. Enter the SteamService.exe location in the run with the command /repair at the end. The text in the painting should be seen as follows:

C: Program files (x86) SteambinsteamService.exe /repair

Keep in mind that the previous location is just an example. Make sure the text entered is the location that corresponds to the location of SteamService.exe on your own PC.

Disable antivirus software

Source: Valve

Certain antivirus applications (AV) are notorious to block computers so much that almost nothing outside Microsoft programs can be executed. Even if your computer is running an extremely light and easy-to-play end point protection software, it is recommended to try to disable it while starting CS: Go if this empty error continues to appear.

Many of these programs are designed to be difficult to close, since they are supposed to be implemented to protect virus computers and other attacks. Continue and open the task administrator (CTRL+SHIFT+ESC). You may have to click more details to see the AV software in execution. Right click on any application or background process related to the software, then try to start CS: GOER.

If this works, consider seeing if the AV software has a function that allows you to trust certain applications. If that is a function included, tell him to allow Cs: Go and, hopefully, that will prevent this Empt error from emerging again.

Execute Windows and Controller Updates

Happens. Sometimes, an update of the missing Windows system or an update of the controller for your hardware can prevent the installed software from working properly. Press the Windows + I key to open the configuration application. Then go or look for Windows Update. Click Search updates to see if there are Windows updates available. This will also seek possible updates of missing controllers.

If you find nothing, do not send the freight. There is another place to search for updates. In the configuration application search box, seek to see optional updates. Mark the boxes of each optional update and install each available.

If you find nothing there, open the device administrator by clicking on the Windows button and clicking on managing devices. If any device has a yellow triangle next to it, focus on updating those first. You can take time here, but restart every time I ask if you want to do it. It is best to make sure these updates are installed correctly.


Uninstall and reinstall Cs: Go

Source: Valve

The last step is to make blur and new account. If the game does not run after all this problem solution, it is possible that it should be erased. A normal uninstallation should be fine, but there are also applications that find all files and registration inputs associated with the game. However, the use of a third-party application for uninstallation is not necessary and should only be left to experts.

Once the game uninstalls, continue and restart the PC. Once you work again, start Steam and install CS: go.

_ Outstanding image source : Valve_

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Kagawa Prefectures game ordinance is determined by Constitution … the Takamatsu District Court rejected the plaintiffs request

The Takamatsu District Court in Kagawa Prefecture was a high school student (19) and mothers who were at the time of the Constitution on the Internet-Game-addiction Countermeasures Ordinance in March 2020 in March 30, and pursued happiness in Article 13 of the Constitution. In a lawsuit that violated rights and self-determination rights and had a total of 1.6 million yen for damages for suffering mental distress, the ordinance was judged to be constitutional and the claim was dismissed.

The Net Game-dependent Ordinance, which has been talked about and has become a hot topic before the establishment. How does this ruling affect the game industry and the game community? See below for related articles in GAME*Spark.

  • Kagawa Prefecture incorporates a use time limit in the draft proposal for game / net addiction measures


  • Kagawa Game addiction Countermeasures Ordinance Public Comments Announcement-If the use time of day games exceeds 1 hour, the school performance will decline remarkably

  • The road to hell is paved in good intentions… Problems with the Internet Game Regulation Ordinance asking members of the House of Representatives Hayao Otokita

  • Net / Game addiction countermeasures Ordinance, Kagawa Prefectural Assembly will submit an offer and submit an offer.

  • Kagawa Prefecture Net Game addiction Countermeasures Ordinance Retired by Chairman Oyama-No re-discussion of the approval ordinance

  • The Kagawa Prefectural Bar Association issued a statement from the chairman calling for abolition of the Net Game addiction countermeasures Ordinance

  • Game Age Research Institute Survey the game play time from February to April-Kagawa Prefecture is about the same as in the whole country

  • Kagawa Prefectural Assembly publishes his opinion on a statement calling for the abolition of the Net Game addiction countermeasures Ordinance by the Bar Association-There is no reason for abolition.

  • Litigation for Kagawa Prefecture on active high school students on the Net Game addiction Countermeasures Ordinance started today

  • Game Ordinance Can Kagawa regain the game? SXG-SANUKI X GAME- was a more balanced event than expected without denying the dependence.

  • Kagawa Game addiction countermeasures Ordinance new trial breaks out, does brain play work?

  • Don’t just study, play the game Gemtre publishes a message ad-In the Shikoku Shimbun issued in Kagawa Prefecture, which enacted the game ordinance

  • Now that game disorders become international illness, we will scientifically review the game regulation ordinance

  • The plaintiff withdraws the lawsuit… The Kagawa Game Ordinance Trial was concluded on the 16th and went to the ruling in August.

Beste Armaguerra-Loadouts in Phone Call of Responsibility Warzone

Best Armaguerra 43 Loadout in Warzone.

If you are trying to find more warzone content Information on the fixing of error codes, unlocking weapons as well as even more can be found on our Warzone page.
| snout: recoil amplifier| barrel: imerito 180 mm short| Optics: Slate reflector| share: merito sa folding| reduced reaches: Mark VI skeletal system| Journal: 9 mm 60 shot publications| ammo: prolonged| rear deal with: polymer grip| advantage 1: attribute| advantage 2: quickly

The Armaguerra 43 is the meta for SMGs and also the best weapons to drive in war zone currently. The tool is terrific as it is, the Armaguerra 43 with the correct add-ons and also advantages is an absolute beast. Here is the very best loadout for the Armaguerra 43 in Warzone

The Armaguerra is an SMG, which suggests that it has exceptionally quick fire price as well as very little reach There is a fairly strong recoil on the Armaguerra 43, which can be consulted the best loadout. In order to fight all problems of the Armaguerra 43 as well as emphasize its finest buildings, right here is the Finest Armaguerra 43 Loadout in Warzone: .

By gearing up the above accessories and also discounts Your Armaguerra 43 will certainly not be stopped . With the aforementioned loadout you have an improved recoil control, a bigger reach to hit goals, regardless of whether you get on Rejuvenation Island or Caldera, and the advantages you maintain while combating.

We suggest Incorporate the Armaguerra 43 with a sniper rifle or an attack rifle This has a little bit much more range to make up for the battles at tool to long range. You can rock the Armaguerra 43 with the tested M4A1 for a successful combination.

The Armaguerra 43 is the meta for SMGs as well as the best weapons to drive in war zone at the minute. There is a fairly solid recoil on the Armaguerra 43, which can be checked with the appropriate loadout. In order to combat all issues of the Armaguerra 43 and stress its finest buildings, right here is the Best Armaguerra 43 Loadout in Warzone: .

The major objective of rocking this Armaguerra 43 loadout in Warzone is relocate you swiftly and also eliminate promptly .

The primary objective of rocking this Armaguerra 43 loadout in Warzone is relocate you promptly and also eliminate swiftly . The Armaguerra 43 is a light SMG, which suggests that they are dexterous adequate to bridge distances as well as steal kills. This SMG as well as Loadout is characterized in a constrained space.

Phone Call of Obligation Warzone is now available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Collection S | X and also computer.

5 best anime in September 2022 what you should see

The 2022 summer anime season is entering its final stretch, and several series are at full speed. Some immerse themselves fully in the final segments of history, while others tie loose threads before they are inactive for one or two more years. However, as we enter September, some of these programs have risen above others, and that without even considering the new programs that appear on the scene at the last minute. Of these, these are the five best anime in September 2022 that you should see .

Made in Abyss Season 2

Best anime to see in September 2022

Image credit: kinema citrus through Hidive

While Made in Abyss Season 2 may have addressed some strangest issues and issues than the arches of previous history, and that is to say something considering where this series has gone, you cannot miss its final stretch.

Hugging the exciting ups and downs and low heartbreaks for which the series originally caught the attention, the second season has built itself in a climax crescendo and rewards. Multiple characters are prepared to collide violently, and surely there will be a lot of action to accompany the horror of Cthulian’s body and the monstrosities that lurk in the wings.

As for the story, there are so many reasons to jump to the series. Between the flashback of the condemned expedition to the abyss of a previous group and the continuous struggle of the main group to survive, there has been no shortage of epic tragedies and tragic epic to captivate.

To say that this series is one of the best anime to see in September 2022 would be to fall short. We can only expect the wait between this season and the next one is not as long as between previous courses.

isekai oji-san

Best anime to see in September 2022

Image credit: Atelierpontdarc through Netflix

Although it was not the most high-profile reverse isekai this season, thanks to The Devil is a part-timer !!, Isekai Ojisan has proven to be the best of the two in general.

Aware of himself in a perfect degree and ready to satirize everything that anime fans appreciate, this show is a refreshing breath of fresh air between the avalanche of cookie cutters offers. The tropes are examined in a way that completely accepts how fools are really, and the sacred cows of the medium, such as Neon Genesis Evangelion, are properly roast for the exaggerated or misunderstood that tend to be.

His characters are also worthy of praise. They are adorable without being too understanding, and their problems are self-inflicted enough to make them laugh at their failure to be fun without being petty. This is even before one considers how they try to capitalize on the special skills that are granted, which is so credible for the current era that almost hurts.

It is not one of the best anime of all times in any way, but in terms of the best anime to see in September 2022, it is an easy addition to anyone’s list.

The strange adventure of Jojo: stone ocean


Best anime to see in September 2022

Image credit: David’s production through Netflix

Before someone asked, no, it is not necessary to see all the adventure of Jojo’s Bizarre to enjoy his arch of Stone Ocean.

More similar to the fourth arch of the series than anything else, Stone Ocean is an encapsulation of creativity and madness of the series. Most people can immerse themselves in him and enjoy gonzo fights, eccentric characters and dazzling art without worries, since he tells their own story with a minimum connection with the arches that preceded it.

Similarly, there has never been a better time to check. After a period of almost 10 months among new episodes, the second part of the series will finally arrive in Netflix this month. The spectators will no longer get trapped wondering how Jolyne will escape from her unjust and end the people responsible for trying to take her life from her.

As such, it is an unexpected addition but welcome to our list of the best anime to see in September 2022. It will not be a quiet trip, but spectators may be sure that it will be original and entertaining.

Call of the night

Best anime to see in September 2022

Image credit: Liden Films through Hidive

Right next to Made in Abysss Season 2 as highlighted from the 2022 summer season, Call of the Night is a new reference point for the cozy and relaxed anime.

Contemplative and relaxing, as well as fantastic and daring, the series is the perfect combination of artistic ostentation and attractive style fun and comforting food style. Ko’s continuous trips at night with Nazuna and her friends have continued to be a beautiful and familiar walk through what could otherwise have been a common story about most age.

This is thanks in large part to aesthetics and characters. His style of animation and art is different enough to easily stand out from other programs, breaking the mold and at the same time doing everything she intends to do. Meanwhile, his characters are surprisingly deep and show a level of nuance that gives the greatest series of maturity.

These two elements help the program issues fit without problems and have avoided that it escapes our list of the best anime to see in September 2022. For anyone who is still undecided on seeing it, it may be sure that it is a program That is well worth the minimum time investment to experiment.

Cyberpunk: edge runners

Best anime to see in September 2022

Image credit: Studio Trigger through Netflix

Although advances have only launched before the complete transmission of the program, and could still go in any direction, Cyberpunk: Studio Trigger Edgerunners is easily among the best anime to see in September 2022.

A derived series set in the same universe as Cyberpunk 2077, the program does not go with rodeos for sticking to Trigger’s most cartoon aesthetics. Only the series of the series has blood cubes and gore in abundance, which means that the praised study intends to maintain the most violent elements of the less dear IP of CD Projekt Red.

However, it also seems to have a lot of history that accompanies it. Although the details are not entirely clear, again, because the series has not yet come out, there seems to be a genuine emotion that drives the characters in their struggle to survive Night City and the dangers that lurk inside.

Could it remain a disaster, as was the game? Give up possibly. Even then, however, it would be worth seeing the show just to know how derailed it is. However, anyway, we will see this series as soon as we can.

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Destiny 2: cryptic four -lines – all solutions and also benefits

I stumbled through the haze like a dreaming-if you seem like this while you check out the puzzles to the cryptic four-lines in Destiny 2, we have the best overview for you.

Period 18 Indestiny 2 has started as well as supplies the gamers countless new content. Including the cryptic four-lines, a number of puzzles as well as jobs that gamers can solve as well as accomplish. We supply you with instructions for part 1 and also 2 of the cryptic four-lines .

We give you with guidelines on exactly how you obtain the cryptic four-lines I as well as II. To do this, we write down your puzzle in the gray boxes as well as explain what you need to do.

_ Hier you can see the trailer for Lightfall in Destiny 2: _

cryptic four-lines I:

Just how do I solve puzzles 4? At the end of the first series of objective, I go to Europe to the Eventide ruins. Right here you have to engage dig till you locate a prize.

Exactly how do I solve puzzles 3? Now it mosts likely to the planet in the cosmodrome to complete the strike with the name Fell S.A.B.E.R.
| Exactly how do I solve puzzles 2? | You most likely to the moon to the harbor of concerns and afterwards take off the shed field K1 open up to. At the end you will certainly find an upper body that you have to open.


riddle 1:
My tale starts, however I need to conceal
Because they are seeking me in all edges
That’s why I’m waiting on the evening of the evening
As well as vanish to the moon with my products

How do I solve puzzles 1? The option to the initial challenge is simple: flies to the moon. After touchdown, you immediately get the second puzzle.

puzzle 3:
Checking out the universes made me cry
Hoped to gods, fallen, tiny and also huge
The balls had to disrupt it
Yet in a strike I wish to retaliate with them

puzzle 4:
The winds on Europe were chilly as well as white
As well as perhaps the tide also quit
I was seeking the cranes, it was very simple
Since you couldn’t obtain me while hooking

This is the initial series of mission.

challenge 2:
There were worries and experiencing in the port
They lost every little thing, just out of envy
What bad revelation did the early morning bring
A deserted breast on the beach, yet empty and without prize

** How do I get the cryptic four-lines I quest? If you have actually reached rank, fly to H.E.L.M., there you will find the celebrity card. There you will instantly receive the jobs for the cryptic four-lines.

Crucial right here: you require at the very least degree 10 to ensure that you can do this task.

_ Hier you can see a trailer for the period of the looters: _

cryptic four-lines II:

Just how do I solve puzzles 1? Right here you start in the fantasizing city.

puzzle 2:
I was alone on the banks of the lake
And also was nearly consecrated to death
Their shadows conceal the sunlight luster
Prior to the last strike I still had time

Note: You do not need a treasure map to accomplish the task.

How do I solve puzzles 1? Exactly how do I solve puzzles 4? Just how do I solve puzzles 1? How do I solve puzzles 3? ** How do I solve puzzles 4?

The new raid will certainly also start tonight. This is at no cost for all interested players. If you need even more information, please see our article on the Kingsfall raid in Fate 2.

challenge 5:
My team came close to with huge actions
And also I had to conceal my sweetie promptly
Then I saw the broken ball
Where the river falls from the sky does not be available in the way

As soon as the players have gotten to resourcefulness degree 16, we will certainly show you the last and also 3rd component of the riddle collection Cryptic four-lines. So click back right into this overview when it has actually been updated and also supplemented.

Just how do I solve puzzles 2? To accomplish the 2 puzzle, you have to play the strike Lake of the Darkness.

How do I solve puzzles 3? Below you need to bet the seasonal expedition playlist of the Period 18. As an equipment, you use a sword of your choice.

How do I solve puzzles 4? Allow’s most likely to Nessus. Pick as a touchdown point The Zisterne as well as drive to the place Water fountain of the Flame. Most likely to the big tower, alongside Lake Radiolar and climb up the steps to the triangular entry. There is a point right behind that you can examine.

How do I solve puzzles 5? With Nessus you are likewise in the best place for the last task. You are currently at the location Fountain of the Fire due to the fact that of the Fourth puzzle.

riddle 3:
My lengthy exploration was not worth it
Too much scared made my sword pulled
My bones were also old
As well as the blood in my capillaries will soon be frightened

puzzle 1:
Like a fantasizing, I stumbled with the next
A shore cluttered with a sunken one, what type of a crime
They had actually shed the content of my breast
My dreams remain in my hand as well as I chose

riddle 4:
Nessus would become my tomb
Since I desired to cross the shape of a pyramid there
To be discovered in a column, great and high
In a cistern, pure yet vacant

Have you currently addressed the mission as well as puzzles from Antiquar I? And did you such as this brand-new problem quest in Fate 2 to the cryptic four-lines? Like to compose it in the comments.

Gamescom 2022 new information ranking! The most popular title is …! ?

GAMESCOM 2022 has revealed new information on various games this year. We will deliver articles that have been particularly noticed in a ranking format. The ranking is based on the number of accesses in the article.

Gamescom 2022 new information ranking!

30th place Sound Game × Inspired match action GOD OF ROCK announced! [GAMESCOM2022]: 37 Pt.

There seems to be a special effect of increasing the difficulty of the enemy’s score.


29th place Sub Noh Tika Development source new SF-turn strategy MOONBREAKER is finally unveiled! [GAMESCOM2022]: 38 pt.

In addition to built decks, you can also enjoy the fine paint of a piece-shaped character!


28th Popular board game-based open world RPG Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon new video! [GAMESCOM2022]: 40 pt.

From the first-person perspective, you can see stamina elements like dark souls.


27th place SF survival horror THE CALLISTO PROTOCOL latest battle and promised death video release! Scheduled to be released on December 2 [GAMESCOM2022]: 41 Pt.

Please be careful when browsing the video as it includes a terrible scene.


26th place Dark fantasy action RPG THE LORDS OF THE FALLEN official announcement! Development difficulties are also re-partitioned by the title change: 41 pt.

Since the announcement in 2014, it will be reissued after many twists and turns.


25th place ADV SCP: Secret Files will be released on September 13, which approaches the case of SCP Foundation in a variety of game styles [Gamescom 2022]: 42 Pt.

The mysterious world will be able to experience soon.


24th place FPS for Xbox CROSSFIREX The largest update Babylon is implemented at the same time! : 42 pt.

A variety of contents are included, including the addition of a large map with unique vehicles.


23rd place Beautiful graphics and powerful action new Chinese RPG WHERE Winds Meet Announcement [Gamescom2022]: 44 Pt.

A trailer with an atmosphere such as GHOST OF TSUSHIMA has been released.


22nd place survive in the hive city! Cooperative action FPS Warhammer 40,000: DARKTIDE new trailer is released: 47 pt.

This work is an action FPS that focuses on up to four people’s cooperation mode, set in a dangerous and gloomy hive city Teltium.


21st place stylish action Phantom Hellcat announced! Play role and get various abilities [Gamescom 2022]: 48 pt.

Stylish action reminiscent of Nier Automata.


20th place Wizardly Gaiden Five Trials significant update! DLC Mercy is absent and Combat prison is also decided-The lowest 15%off sale [Gamescom 2022]: 48 pt.

Depending on the support of the user, there will be various plans in the future.


The development of the 19th place story depends on the player… The distribution of the medieval science fiction action RPG THE LAST ORICRU has started October 13, 2022: 52 Pt.

We are planning to sell it exclusively for downloads.


18th place Deep deep in the nest of the alien… Co-optps Aliens: Fireteam Elite DLC Pathogen Scheduled to be distributed on August 31 [GAMESCOM 2022]: 53 Pt.

This work celebrates the first anniversary of the release. The expansion DLC will finally be released.


17th place Survival horror series latest work THE OUTLAST TRIALS arrived at the latest trailer! Closed beta test will be held [Gamescom2022]: 53 Pt.

The details of the closed beta test will be released at a later date.


16th place Dead Island 2 is finally! Gamescom 2022: Opening Night Live Announcement content One summary [Gamescom 2022]: 53 Pt.

Introducing the contents of the announcement at the Opening Night Live held as the opening of the Gamescom 2022 in Europe in the Europe.


15th place The simultaneous release of the world on November 8 is also clear! Sonic series latest work Sonic Frontier latest video [GAMESCOM2022]: 54 pt.

Sonic Frontier will be released on November 8, 2022 for PC (Steam)/PS5/PS4/Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch.


14th place adventure in a beautiful world of hand-drawn! Metroidvania AFTERIMAGE game play video release [Gamescom2022]: 57 Pt.

It will be released this winter.


13th Cooperative TPS ARC Raiders Another new work of the developer-Basic free team competition FPS The Finals! Recruitment of play testers [Gamescom2022]: 64 pt.

The stage destruction seems to lead to victory.


12th place After the bacterial war, the latest trailer ROOTED is set up! [GAMESCOM2022]: 72 Pt.

It also introduces infiltration into a tense enemy base and fighting robot weapons.


11th place Harley Quinn also appeared! Gotham Knights The latest video focusing on the people of Villan-Scheduled to be released on October 25 [GAMESCOM2022]: 83 Pt.

Pre-orders are being accepted to receive 233 Custom Bat Cycle Skin.


10th new fantasy TPS Quintum Knights The latest trailer is released-the exhilarating action of guns and magic! [Gamescom 2022]: 102 Pt.

Gun and magic stylish action! It is scheduled to be released in 2023.


9th place Dark Pinocio Action LIES OF P latest trailer! Powerful battle scenes and mysterious figures are also [Gamescom2022]: 103 Pt.


The world view of the classical fairy tale Pinocchio is a dark and cruel action game.


Collect 8th place, train, fight ─ New Kenki ARPG Stray Blade Game Play Video Release [Gamescom 2022]: 103 Pt.

There are many notable factors, such as creating equipment and stylish combat actions!


7th place The latest wireless controller for PS5 DualSense Edge is announced! Remapping button input and replacement of sticks can be replaced [Gamescom2022]: 104 pt.

You can see unprecedented protrusions at the bottom of the stick.


6th place Zombie Survival ACT sequel DEAD ISLAND 2 will finally be decided! February 3, 2023 [GAMESCOM2022]: 111 Pt.

Eight years have passed since the production announcement.


5th 17th Century Caribbean Finding treasure Hidden treasures to enjoy pirate life Tortuga-A Pirate’s Tale Announcement [Gamescom 2022]: 129 Pt.

Players have to distribute their loot and wealth to the crew as the captain, and if the rebellion is whispered without success, the worst ending comes.


4th place [Reading attention] The latest video of EXP: WAR TRAUMA depicting the fear of a man holding a trauma in World War II! Trial version is also distributed on Steam [Gamescom 2022]: 144 Pt.

We pay attention to the store page, Please be careful if you have heart disease because you are very scared.


3rd place The 9th District Director OFF THE GRID Powerful Score Cinematic Trailer! [Gamescom 2022]: 218 pt.

The taste and the flavor are different from ordinary Batroa! ?


2nd place Haripota Action RPG Hogwarts Legacy, a magician in the world, the latest video that is forced to decide whether to use the curse! [GAMESCOM2022]: 374 Pt.

The latest video is released!


1st place A new action RPG ATLAS FALLEN that hunts monsters with super power! [GAMESCOM2022]: 602 Pt.

Development is DECK13 Interactive in the THE SURGE series.


The most notable was the new work Atlas Fallen in the The Surge series. This time, in the fantasy world, a battle that is sweaty in hand is likely to be developed not only in singles but also in multi. In addition, it seems that Hogwarts Legacy and a video of the movie of Cyberpunk Battroi, directed by Neil Brom Camp, have been attracting attention.

Kounde registered: All Barça

The newcomers Robert Lewandowski, Raphinha, Andreas Christensen as well as Franck Kessié had had the ability to sign up in great time before the first matchday. In order to be able to meet the Salary Cap from La Liga, the typical organization of club assets worth more than 600 million with 1.35 billion euros had actually needed to sell. To name a few things, 25 percent of TV rights were appointed for the next 25 years.

The game permit for protector Koundé was granted on Saturday. The beginner, dedicated to 50 million euros from FC Sevilla, had missed out on the first 2 video games in La Liga. On Sunday (7.30 p.m., live! At Twist), the Frenchman might give his competitive debut for Barçan against Real Valladolid in Camp Nou.


In the group phase of the Champions Organization (below you can go to the full video game routine), Barcelona satisfies FC Bayern Munich.

The reality that protector Samuel Umtiti was awarded to US Lecce on Thursday may have assisted signing up the last newcomer. In addition, the club is stated to have actually minimized benefit payments to some gamers in order to receive the right to bet Koundé.

Likewise review the comment from Jörg Wolfrum: FC Barcelona offers its future

Bandai Namco: The portfolio in the Gamescom overview-no Elden-Ring

Bandai Namco is the largest toy manufacturer in the globe, which of course is a term as an author of video games for numerous gamers. Listed below we have summarized all the games revealed for you.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers

The most recent title of the Dragon Ball series is an unbalanced online action video game. In it, seven survivors compete against an overwhelming player, the burglar, whose objective is to avoid the survival of others. Just how and also whether the gamers collaborate influences the success of the game. As a robber, you get on the functions of powerful opponents from the Dragon Ball Universe like Cell or Frezer. In the games, cars, various tools as well as devices such as enter hooks provide spirited variety. The game is set up to appear on October 14, 2022 for PC, PS4, Xbox One as well as Nintendo Switch.

One Piece: Odyssey

No Guy’s Skies.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure All Stars Battle R.

Park Beyond.

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the Dark Pictures Compilation: The Devil in Me.

A little shock was the reference of No Guy’s Skies during the presentation. The space journey was established by Hello there Games and released six years ago for Playstation and also computer, a little later for Xbox. Bandai Namco has now joined the makers to release the game on the Nintendo Switch over. Nothing was exposed regarding possible content adjustments for the crossbreed console. The port needs to appear on October 7, 2022.

LEGO Brawls.

The very first period of Dark Photos Compilation comes to an end with the fourth video game. The Adversary in Me will be released on November 18, 2022 for Computer, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S.

We had the chance to play the game soon prior to Gamescom. Park Beyond is set up for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One as well as Xbox Collection S/X.


Bandai Namco is the largest toy manufacturer in the globe, which of course is a term as an author of video clip games for numerous players. The most current title of the Dragon Ball series is an unbalanced online activity video game. The video game is set up to appear on October 14, 2022 for Computer, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Bandai Namco has currently teamed up with the manufacturers to release the video game on the Nintendo Switch. We had the chance to play the game shortly before Gamescom.

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