Although Dragon Ball Fighterz reached the market in 2018, this delivery of Arc System Works remains one of the most loved competitive events by the public, something that was left more than clear for Evo 2022. Now, during this event it was confirmed that this title will not only have a version for new generation consoles, but that will finally receive the Netcode Rolling system.

During the dragon ball Fighterz the weekend, it was confirmed that an update for PS5 and Xbox Series X | s is already in development. Along with this, it was revealed that work is already being done to implement the Netcode Rolling System, which minimizes the LAG, so that online games work in the most fluid way possible.

For all those who have the game on PS4 and Xbox One, it was announced that will be able to update Dragon Ball Fighterz free of charge . For their part, PC users will be able to choose between enjoying this title in its original version, or opt for the NetCode already integrated Rollback system, something that will upload the minimum requirements.

Now, the doubt is: When will all this be available? Unfortunately, At the moment there is no official information about it . However, it is likely that at some point this year we have more details about it. In related issues, during Evo 2022 it was also revealed that a new Tekken is already developing. Similarly, a new installment of Fatal Fury will be a reality.

Editor’s note:

Although it is unfortunate that the NetCode Rolling System is implemented when there are no longer updates with new characters for the future, it is good to see that Arc System Works does not forget this title, and this will surely ensure more years of life for Dragon Ball Fighterz and their community.

Way: Evo