Danawa Esports Pws: Phase 2nd Clear Survival 3 Week 10 Match 10 Matches.

On the 4th, the 2022 Pub Magazine Weekly Series (PWS) Phase 2 Phase 2nd Class 2nd Class 2 was held at Jamsil Vita 500 Colosseum in Seoul.

Weekly Survival will be all miramas in accordance with Zenji’s ‘Map Order and Ratio Selection’ privilege, which won the Battleground Smash Cup Season 7.

The 10-match magnetic field is formed of Mirama Choma Sarah. At the beginning of the game, EMTECH Storm X fought. EMTECH ‘Dogel’ was balanced by cutting off EMTECH ‘Spherow’ and ‘Rex’ and succeeded in finishing EMTECH with the performance of Eagle Aules ‘Bean’.

The 5 phase Damwon Gia was eliminated by the Go & Go Prince’s blocking line in the southern Incite of the magnetic field. Go & Go pushed hungry from the power fight.

TOP4 survived Maru Gaming, Go & Go, Gibli Esports, and Danawa Esports.

Maru Gaming summarized all of the remaining gibblies, but it was finished with Go & Go ‘Zenith’.

‘Daeba’ and ‘Salut’ survived through Maru Gaming and Dana. ‘Salut’ broke the ‘Daeba’, which was held next to the smoke, and packed 8 kills.