With the release of the new snowy region, DragonSpine added new mechanics, as well as many new quests! Although some of these quests can be quite complicated!

how to defrost all the fragments of the task In the mountains

To defrost all the fragments in the mountain quest in Genshin Impact, you need to explore the dragon ridge region in search of Iris. Then you will be instructed to thaw three fragments in order to more deeply explore this snowy region, as this will not allow a strong wind to prevent your advancement.

In both locations, you need to solve a mini-head, as well as several complex combat sections, but nothing special. Just do not forget to follow the status effect of Sheer Cold, as if this will not lead to the death of your character.

Location Shard 1

For this purpose, you need to follow blue plants, but to reduce the trip, the first fragment is hidden on the outskirts of the buried city. To get there quickly, teleport to the way point next to the Dragon Roll valley, and the first location is located right under it.

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In this place you will see a warming plain being that flies between five different pillars. This is extremely important, since this is a solution to the puzzle. However, in order to solve this puzzle, you need a cryo user to freeze the pillars in the order in which good are shown to you. If you forgot the order or are impatient, we do not blame you. The order in the picture below.

As soon as the riddle is decided, the nearby graders of the ruins will come to life and try to kill you. Destroy these machines, but do not forget to warm up using Ruin Braziers outside the arena, since if you ignore the Sher Cold effect, it will kill you. After the death of the car, the ice in the middle of this area will collapse, and you can fall out. You need to find four pieces of scarlet quartz below to break the fragment in the center. One is ready!


Location Two

The second location is hidden in the cave star radiance. Teleport to the track point to the west of the place where the map indicates the stellar shine cave. Next to the track point is a hole in the ground leading to a series of tunnels. Hold on to the left and continue to follow it, and in the end you will get to the second fragment.

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Once again, you need four parts of the scarlet quartz to hit the fragment four times to break it. However, only three pieces are available. You must go through the nearest race for a while to find a fourth part. This test consists of killing enemies for a certain amount of time allotted. Finish this, strengthen yourself using the fourth and last element, and then break the fragment with the last blow!

location of fragments 3

It can be a place one or three; It really depends on how this place is a frosty tree. Find the scarlet quartz nearby and break the ice, and the thing is done!

In the area of the dragon ridge there is still a lot to do, so why not get acquainted with our vast notes to the Patch Genshin Impact 1.2. Or find out when will the next banner be?