In Cult of the Lamb, you can earn a lot of unlocks and improvements. This includes weapons, followers, curses and your rune. This last item works like your armor and allows you to change the cloak of your lamb. This can make you ask about what runo in Cult of the Lamb the best.

Cult of the lamb: Fleece of the best quality

Each rune, except for the starting one, has a bonus and a lack. For this reason, it is sometimes better to use the starting rune, since it does not give any bonuses or negative features. In general, the best rune depends on your game style, but we recommend rune of fate , fragility run resistance or starting rune .

Fleece of the Fates gives you four tarot cards at once, which allows you to go through the early regions. As a rule, you still will not get more than four tarot cards, so the disadvantage is not so bad. The rune of fragile resistance will give you more hearts, which will allow you to live longer. However, you need to play more carefully, as you cannot restore normal health.

All improvements to the rune in the cult of the lamb

Golden Fleece *: The damage inflicted increases after each murder, but drops when it gets. Get double damage.
The rune of the glass gun : Curses cause double damage and are half a zeal, but the damage from close combat weapons and health is halved.
Runa of a sick heart : get a sick heart every time you pull the tarot card, but 100% of the items will be lost if you are killed (maximum one sore heart at a time).
Runa of fate *: Take four Tarot cards at the beginning of the round, but none of them cannot be taken after.
Brand of fragile resistance *: All hearts will be replaced with a 1.5-fold number of blue hearts.

How to improve the rune in Cult of the Lamb

You can update your rune to temple , on the Crown tab in the lamb cult. First you need to collect four parts holy talisman , as this is the cost of improving your rune. This is a hard-to-reach resource, so think carefully before choosing an improvement in the rune.


how to get particles of St. Talisman in the cult of the lamb

There are several ways to get parts of the sacred talisman in the cult of the Lamb. As a rule, you get them by performing quests or buying them from NPC. This includes Midas, Fisherman and others. Everyone will make a request for an object or resource and give you a fragment in return.

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