Thanks to the integration of Vanguard Call of Duty: Warzone received the second weapon of the popular Kar98K weapon. Although both KAR98K sniper rifles have the same name, players prefer Modern Warfare version of Vanguard. However, this weapon should be used if you like to shoot from the shelter. Here is the Vanguard Kar98K Vanguard KAR98K investment guide and classes tuning in Warzone Pacific.

Best equipment Vanguard Kar98k Warzone

Muzzle: During the muffler
Star: Airborne Ford RE02K
Reserve: short stock
Supporting: Pistolet handle Smle
Magazine: 8 mm stores Klauser 5 Round Fast Mags
Ammunition: elongated
Back handle: fabric handle
Perk 1: Fast review
Perk 2: at hand *

The nozzles that we use in this assembly Vanguard Kar98K are designed to maintain a balance between the firing range and the mobility of the rifle. Firstly, the SCOUT muffler is used to suppress the sound and increase the speed of the KAR98K bullet. To improve the speed of the bullet and damage, we equipped the VDD RE02K barrel.

As an alternative, you can use the barrel Krausnick 560 mm LWS03K You prefer aiming speed (ADS) of a bullet speed. A short butt is the best nozzle for this weapon, as it increases its mobility, including ADS and sprint speed to fire. The remaining devices are quite common for most Vanguard sniper rifles in Warzone.

Best Class Settings Vanguard Kar98k Warzone

Main weapon *-Armagerra 43/Hmm4/AS44
Additional weapons -Avangard KAR98K
deadly -throwing knife
Tactical *-Steam
perk 1 -serpentine
perk 2 -Perekon
* perk 3 -Amphed


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