Bai King Mizuki Nishimura, also dressed as a giant ants and spiders, monsters, and frog-type aliens in the heads of the popular comedy combination Bai King, dressed as Earth. 。 This situation, which has to be intense tsukkomi, is the Earth Defense Force 6 CM, which will be broadcast and distributed from August 18.

Earth Defense Force 6 for PS4/PS5 scheduled to be released on August 25. A new battle with enemies that afflict the earth for a long time is set in the first devastated world in the series. In front of the deep despair chain, the player fights to protect humanity as an EDF soldier. The same work, which is developed at the largest volume in the series, also supports online cooperation play for up to four people.

In this article, we asked about the appeal of the game while looking back on the Earth Defense Force 6 CM shooting by two people, Bai King, who appeared in the commercial of the same work.

――Please tell us your frank impression when the CM offer came.

Eiji Kotoge (hereinafter Kotoge): I was a little surprised because I was really making a control called Earth Defense Force about 20 years ago. There was a mysterious feeling that the contest that I used to do in the past came back as a commercial. I thought this was a fate. I was really happy. Thank you.

―― Do you remember the content of the control at that time?

Kotoge: Both of them are on the Earth Defense Force.

Mizuki Nishimura (hereinafter Nishimura): Yes. I am a defense army member. At the beginning, there is an emergency command, an emergency command, and a big occurrence in Akita.

Kotoge: You sitting back to the air chairs and pretending to be tying the computer in front of you with a puntmime.

Nishimura: So, I say something like Enter the code name 04ERX, 04ERX, and I’m going to sortie (laughs). I guess there was a good sense for that era.

Kotoge: I was still looking for a style when I started the entertainer, so I changed the story frequently. But the Earth Defense Force was a lot of times, so it would have been a good idea. I think it’s a so-called early representative work.

――It is a pioneer because the large outbreak is leading to the current game. How do you feel when Kotoge became Earth this time?

Kotoge: This is painted directly on the head. I don’t usually do any makeup, so I wasn’t used to sitting on the chair all the time, so it was quite difficult. Not only the front, but also the invisible back of the head draws a map firmly, and he does it very carefully. It takes about an hour and 10 minutes, but since I practiced in advance by molding, it seems that it will take more time without it.

—By the way, did you know in advance that it will be Earth?

Kotoge: I had a head mold a few weeks before the recording, so at that time I thought, This will be troublesome (laughs). I still didn’t know that I would be the earth.

―― Nishimura-san is a character like a colonist, but how do you feel like a frog?

Nishimura: I thought frogs were so hard to walk (laughs). It’s hard to walk and it’s hard to grab things… However, I was dressed in this, and the staff told me cute. Well, is it cute? The reproducibility is really high and the construction is solid. It’s definitely costly.

――If you struggled during the shooting, if it was difficult here.

Kotoge: CM shooting was quick. Isn’t there a director who shoots many times? I don’t know, Yes, it’s the best now! Let’s go again! (Laughs).

This time it was very speedy, and the director and the staff around me felt breathtaking. The instructions when I re-shot were accurate, Please do this a little more, and I thought it was somehow that kind of thing, and I was able to get it right away. I guess it’s a wonderful team.

Nishimura: Kotoge has a mess, but I just took a few patterns, so it was really easy. I really enjoyed it.

However, there is a scene where I brought a tent, a chair and a table, and I was relaxing there, but I brought my own tent, but when I set up in this style, it was a bit tough.

I thought it would be faster to do it myself than to get someone to give me an instruction, but it took a lot of time (laughs). But I am that much.

――In the commercial, there was a scene where Mr. Kotoge put in various tsukkomi, but was that tsukkomi decided? Or did you think of it in ad-lib?

Kotoge: For the time being, there was a script to say something like this, but I was told to do the wording. So, I’m converting it to make it easier to say. That’s the same, What a earth!

―― Then, can you tell me what you actually saw the video of the game?

Kotoge: I don’t usually play games, but I felt that the graphics were beautiful and the blast was powerful. Also, I’m just like a Super Nintendo, and the games are no longer played, and the latest games are too complicated to reach out. However, this Earth Defense Force has an easy-to-understand manner to protect the earth from aliens, so it seemed to be able to enjoy it even if he was not good at games.

――It’s insect-shaped creature is coming in the game. Did you remember the old part-time era?

Kotoge: Oh, pest control. Certainly, I have been killing rats and cockroaches all the time, so I guess the settings are certainly similar. A large amount of things, exactly. Really, I was exterminating that until about 10 years ago.

Nishimura: I also thought that the setting was easy to understand. With the Earth Defense Force, the extraterrestrial life forms that have invaded the earth are defeated with a simple and clear operation. That exhilarating feeling is boring. After all, it’s too comfortable and you’ll keep down so much that you don’t know the time to stop.

I remember playing the first work in the series, but I felt that the video was evolving tremendously.

-If a huge insect attacks, will they fight? Or can you escape?

Nishimura: Rather than facing, you will be done even if you escape. Because the tent is crushed in an instant.

Kotoge: Why are you camping in such a difficult time (laughs)? I want to run on a motorcycle.

Nishimura: You rush with a motorcycle and self-destruct!

Kotoge: Yada. Why do you have to self-destruct!

Nishimura: It’s good because it protects the earth!


—By the way, could you tell me the creatures that you would like if they came out as an enemy?

Kotoge: IKKO. It may be a little difficult if you come out. It’s a good idea to shoot people who are getting better.

Nishimura: There are many people who are doing well other than IKKO!

Kotoge: Isn’t it strong like How much-the beam? Avoid avoiding, but it’s hard to flip and attack.

Nishimura: Don-only-beam is so powerful that the grass will not grow in the future.

Kotoge: I’m sure it will come out of my eyes. If you think you want to get out of your finger, put it out of your eyes.

Nishimura: What a feint! Well, it’s hard to see Mrs. Devi. It is a very strong enemy.

――Are you looking forward to future collaboration (laughs). Finally, please appeal to readers.

Kotoge: I don’t really play games, so I can’t say that much, but I think it’s a very interesting and easy-to-understand game. Even if you have never played the previous work, or if you are not very interested in the game, it is easy to get rid of it, so I hope you can play it by all means.

Nishimura: I think many people are waiting, so I can only say one thing. Please rampage as much as you want!

Earth Defense Force 6 will be released on August 25, 2022 for PS4/PS5.