A news that is always a reason for joy in the world of video games is to find out that the different games are already in the Gold stage, that means they already have the basis to make the different copies that will be distributed in the world. And now, the title that officially reached this great achievement is neither more nor less than Gotham Knights .

The news spread in the official networks of Warner Bros. Montreal, team that has been behind the development of a long as a video game of the knights that protect the night in the absence of Batman . Implying that the title is ready to begin to be published in digital stores and occur for different physical distributors.


All Gotham Knights team is proud to announce that we are officially Gold!

See you in October!

Since it was announced Gotham Knights A long time ago, it had some important delays as well as other Warner Bros. like the famous Hogwarts Legacy. But now it is more than confirmed, that users can take care of Gothic city with these characters that could increase their popularity for this game.

The title will arrive next October 25 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.