[ZEP script Park Ye-jin reporter] ZEP (JEP, co-representative Kim Won-bae, Kim Sang-yeop) announced on the 22nd that he participated as a 2022 statement of Jungsion Asia.

‘Junction Asia 2022’, held in BEXCO, Busan for three days from August 19, is the Asian version of Europe’s largest technology hackathon ‘Junction’. The competition was held with a total prize of 10 million won, and 68 teams of 310 participants participated, and the final winning team was given the eligibility and various benefits to participate in the ‘Global Junction’, which is scheduled to be held in Finland.

ZEP, who participated as a hackathon track assignant with Microsoft Korea, Amazon Web Service (AWS), and Chainapsis, participated in the ZEP script function under the theme of ‘Make Anything with ZEP Script’ The freedom to make anything and make a high task. Through this, 27 of the participating teams participated in the ZEP track, ranking first in the track selection rankings.

There were also on-site programs such as workshops, speed mentoring, and start-up mentoring. In the workshop-specific workshop session held on the first day of the event, ZEP’s co-representative of the ZEP was a presenter and introduced the script function with the introduction of ZEP.

In the ZEP track site, which took place for two nights and three days, a variety of meta bus apps were developed, including methus silver towns for elderly people living alone, annihilated animals, climate data-based crop simulation, and GPS-based mia prevention solution. The TonightSpark team, which developed the ZEP SIGHT, a data analysis tool in the space, won the honor of winning by earning high scores in terms of originality and perfection.

Kim Sang-yeop, co-representative of ZEP, said, We were able to confirm the enthusiasm and new insights of participants in ZEP by participating in the first ‘Junction Asia 2022’ hackathon. We will seek various opportunities to breathe and grow together.

Meanwhile, ZEP, which is serviced by Supercat and Naver Jet, is a web-based metabus platform that can be connected to up to 50,000 people at the same time. Recently, we introduced a script function that allows you to create a mini game app and productivity app and an app store where you can buy and sell apps.