The 2022 summer anime season is entering its final stretch, and several series are at full speed. Some immerse themselves fully in the final segments of history, while others tie loose threads before they are inactive for one or two more years. However, as we enter September, some of these programs have risen above others, and that without even considering the new programs that appear on the scene at the last minute. Of these, these are the five best anime in September 2022 that you should see .

Made in Abyss Season 2

Best anime to see in September 2022

Image credit: kinema citrus through Hidive

While Made in Abyss Season 2 may have addressed some strangest issues and issues than the arches of previous history, and that is to say something considering where this series has gone, you cannot miss its final stretch.

Hugging the exciting ups and downs and low heartbreaks for which the series originally caught the attention, the second season has built itself in a climax crescendo and rewards. Multiple characters are prepared to collide violently, and surely there will be a lot of action to accompany the horror of Cthulian’s body and the monstrosities that lurk in the wings.

As for the story, there are so many reasons to jump to the series. Between the flashback of the condemned expedition to the abyss of a previous group and the continuous struggle of the main group to survive, there has been no shortage of epic tragedies and tragic epic to captivate.

To say that this series is one of the best anime to see in September 2022 would be to fall short. We can only expect the wait between this season and the next one is not as long as between previous courses.

isekai oji-san

Best anime to see in September 2022

Image credit: Atelierpontdarc through Netflix

Although it was not the most high-profile reverse isekai this season, thanks to The Devil is a part-timer !!, Isekai Ojisan has proven to be the best of the two in general.

Aware of himself in a perfect degree and ready to satirize everything that anime fans appreciate, this show is a refreshing breath of fresh air between the avalanche of cookie cutters offers. The tropes are examined in a way that completely accepts how fools are really, and the sacred cows of the medium, such as Neon Genesis Evangelion, are properly roast for the exaggerated or misunderstood that tend to be.

His characters are also worthy of praise. They are adorable without being too understanding, and their problems are self-inflicted enough to make them laugh at their failure to be fun without being petty. This is even before one considers how they try to capitalize on the special skills that are granted, which is so credible for the current era that almost hurts.

It is not one of the best anime of all times in any way, but in terms of the best anime to see in September 2022, it is an easy addition to anyone’s list.

The strange adventure of Jojo: stone ocean


Best anime to see in September 2022

Image credit: David’s production through Netflix

Before someone asked, no, it is not necessary to see all the adventure of Jojo’s Bizarre to enjoy his arch of Stone Ocean.

More similar to the fourth arch of the series than anything else, Stone Ocean is an encapsulation of creativity and madness of the series. Most people can immerse themselves in him and enjoy gonzo fights, eccentric characters and dazzling art without worries, since he tells their own story with a minimum connection with the arches that preceded it.

Similarly, there has never been a better time to check. After a period of almost 10 months among new episodes, the second part of the series will finally arrive in Netflix this month. The spectators will no longer get trapped wondering how Jolyne will escape from her unjust and end the people responsible for trying to take her life from her.

As such, it is an unexpected addition but welcome to our list of the best anime to see in September 2022. It will not be a quiet trip, but spectators may be sure that it will be original and entertaining.

Call of the night

Best anime to see in September 2022

Image credit: Liden Films through Hidive

Right next to Made in Abysss Season 2 as highlighted from the 2022 summer season, Call of the Night is a new reference point for the cozy and relaxed anime.

Contemplative and relaxing, as well as fantastic and daring, the series is the perfect combination of artistic ostentation and attractive style fun and comforting food style. Ko’s continuous trips at night with Nazuna and her friends have continued to be a beautiful and familiar walk through what could otherwise have been a common story about most age.

This is thanks in large part to aesthetics and characters. His style of animation and art is different enough to easily stand out from other programs, breaking the mold and at the same time doing everything she intends to do. Meanwhile, his characters are surprisingly deep and show a level of nuance that gives the greatest series of maturity.

These two elements help the program issues fit without problems and have avoided that it escapes our list of the best anime to see in September 2022. For anyone who is still undecided on seeing it, it may be sure that it is a program That is well worth the minimum time investment to experiment.

Cyberpunk: edge runners

Best anime to see in September 2022

Image credit: Studio Trigger through Netflix

Although advances have only launched before the complete transmission of the program, and could still go in any direction, Cyberpunk: Studio Trigger Edgerunners is easily among the best anime to see in September 2022.

A derived series set in the same universe as Cyberpunk 2077, the program does not go with rodeos for sticking to Trigger’s most cartoon aesthetics. Only the series of the series has blood cubes and gore in abundance, which means that the praised study intends to maintain the most violent elements of the less dear IP of CD Projekt Red.

However, it also seems to have a lot of history that accompanies it. Although the details are not entirely clear, again, because the series has not yet come out, there seems to be a genuine emotion that drives the characters in their struggle to survive Night City and the dangers that lurk inside.

Could it remain a disaster, as was the game? Give up possibly. Even then, however, it would be worth seeing the show just to know how derailed it is. However, anyway, we will see this series as soon as we can.

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