Where do our builds originate from? Our info did we obtain from video clips from the Youtubers Guitarrock First and also Exnal in addition to from our own experiences with Tower of Fantasy.

In Tower of Fantasy you draw different figures within the Gacha system, the so-called Simulacra. Each of them gives you with a brand-new weapon-3 of which you can change as well as furnish between them.

In the brand-new anime MMORPTOWER of fantasy you have equipped 3 tools. We at MeinMMO describe to you just how you finest placed together your team.

The components are fire, stone, volt and also ice. Additionally, each tool has particular values that you have to take into consideration if you wish to place with each other a suitable team.

This is how the principle works

Primarily, your team ought to include these 3 roles:

  • Among the characters is accountable for damaging up the adversary’s guard
  • A DPS separates the damage
  • Assistance tons skills, buffs and also heals

When shattering means that you can use it to break up the shield that in some cases shows up around your challengers and also looks like a blue bladder, a high worth. The values start at 3.2 and finish at 13.

A high value when billing means that when utilizing the weapon, the capabilities of the other weapons charge in the team. The greater the store worth, the quicker the attack for the various other tools lots.

Each tool has 2 values that you need to check out to figure out what it is appropriate for: shatter and also load, in English Shatter/Charge.


weapon vibration result for vital enthusiasts

You should also note that the weapons are classified within a Holy Trinity. So there is dd, storage tank and also assistance. With team structure, the so-called tool resonance impact enters into play.

What does the result bring? Relying on which kinds of tools you combine with each other, you get a buff:

  • Equilibrium (container, DD, assistance): Your damage and your defense are lowered by 5 %. Ditching as well as recovery is 20 % even more reliable.
  • Steadiness (2 storage tanks): Your defense boosts by 25 %, smash by 60 %and the aggro of the challengers by 800 %, so you pull them on you.
  • Attack (2 DDS): You do 10 % even more damage.
  • Blessing (2 assistances): Your recovery is enhanced by 100 %.

If you are traveling alone, you need to count on balance or attack, as the other builds alone supply you too couple of advantages.

The enthusiasts are even stronger if you are taking a trip with various other players in a team.

constructs with nemesis are amongst the toughest

What makes nemesis specifically? Nemesis brings the volsonance to your team. This makes your volt strikes 15 % more damage as well as your volt resistance is raised by 25 %. The prerequisite for this is at least 2 volt simulacra in your team.

A few pleased players were able to draw the SSR character Nemesis at the occasion. With her in your team you can play the currently strongest construct in the international version of Tower of Fantasy. You can locate a pet checklist of the characters below.

This is how the build appearances:

  • King (DD, Fire) + Crow (DD, Volt) + Zero/Tsubasa/Samir as a different DD-Build.
  • Coco Ritter (assistance, ice) + Huma (container, fire) or Meryl + Samir (DD, Volt) as an alternative equilibrium structure.

If you do not have SSR numbers at the start, you can likewise depend on the SR character Echo to break signs of the challenger. It bears a halberd with a crush value of 12.6. You can likewise utilize ENe initially to shatter, its worth is 10, which is already excellent.

What alternatives are there? Several of you have probably not drew nemesis, or the various other SSR numbers from the currently strongest develop are missing out on. There are alternatives that are almost as solid, as an example:.

  • Nemesis (support, volt).
  • Crow (dd, volt), additionally you can take Samir.
  • Meryl (storage tank, ice), conversely take your king.

The brand-new city in Tower of Fantasy has a dark story for you-developers disclose information about the growth.

In the new anime MMORPTOWER of fantasy you have actually geared up 3 tools. What makes nemesis specifically? Nemesis brings the volsonance to your team. Numerous of you have most likely not drew nemesis, or the various other SSR numbers from the presently greatest construct are missing. ** Do you count on something, balance, or dd completely different?

opportunities if your nemesis does not yet have.

Which develop do you currently play? Do you rely on dd, balance, or something entirely different? Are you a dd, storage tank or healer when you are on the go with others?

The very first expansion will certainly come quickly:.

With Meryl it is a balance structure, with King a DD building. Both are very strong, which is why it is essential to your individual choices.