SOFT has launched the online co-op shooter Rift Sweepers with Steam early access. A launch trailer is also available.

This work is a cooperative TPS that can participate from one to up to four people. Players will be the Rift Sweepers that protects the world while moving in multiple dimensions, and will clear the mission while fighting enemies in a strange world.


Players can select classes with different individuality, such as rifleman with quick movements and engineers that can install turrets. After clearing the mission, it seems that you can upgrade your weapons and characters at the headquarters. The early access link trailer will allow rifles and Gatling guns to see scenes fighting enemies like dragons and giant clowns.

Early access is scheduled for March 2023. According to the Steam store page, the early access version has three classes, three missions, and one upgrade system. In the product version, in addition to expanding content such as classes and missions, improvements will be made based on feedback from users.

Rift Sweepers is being distributed by Steam early access. The price is 1,950 yen.