Nintendo announced on September 12 that the domestic sales of Platoon 3 exceeded 3.45 million in three days. It will be the highest in sales of Nintendo Switch software for three days after the release of the software for Switch.


Platoon 3 is the latest work Platoon series. The stage is the chaotic local city of Ankara. This city, which is stuck in the Ankara region, has developed rapidly by redevelopment. Kawasaki Battle is set in this local city. The rules are divided into two teams of 4vs4 and decide to win or lose in the area painted on the ground. Actions such as Carol, Nanotori, and Spawn will be added, while the rules of the past work are remained.

Platoon 3 will be released on September 9 for Nintendo Switch. It is said that 3.45 million numbers were piled up in three days. Speaking of Platoon, the first generation has a history of exceeding 1 million worldwide sales in one month. Platoon 2 was also selling well, and it was clear that the cumulative sales had exceeded 10 million in May 2020. Platoon 3 seems to have sold more than the previous two works.

What is interesting is that it was reported alone as a number of domestic sales, not the whole world. The Platoon series is a shooter game, but is particularly popular in Japan. I think it will be reported about world sales in the future, but you can also see Nintendo’s response to the fact that it is reporting independently in Japan.

Platoon 3 is easier to play as a game content. The introduction of the lobby has made it easier to practice, and when you lose, you will receive a title and the degree of contribution is recognized. Even new players will be the definitive edition that is easier to enter than past works.

Platoon 3 is on sale for Nintendo Switch.