The last contractual assailant will certainly replace the injured NASA Kalajdzic. In his opening night in the Wolves jacket, the former Stuttgart tore had actually endured a cruciate ligament tear. Due to the infraction of a gamer, for whom I can unfortunately only want the very best, the change was not under the most effective possible conditions, Diego Costa is estimated in the club announcement of the Wolves on Monday.

Diego Costa returns to the Premier League virtually 2 weeks after the end of the summer transfer phase. The striker, born in Brazil, that ran two times for the Brazilian and 24 times for the Spanish national team, transferred to the Wolverhampton Wanderers for a period, in which he had formerly completed a trial training.


Master in Brazil, England and Spain

Diego Costa additionally celebrated success with Atlético Madrid, and also the assaulter, which is often striking with technique absence, hired three times. In 2013, he was with Atlético Cup winner, 2014 Spanish champion and also 2018 European League champion.

The novice at Atlético Mineiro had played in Brazil up until January as well as became a Brazilian champion as well as cup victor there. Ever since he has not played a game. England is not a brand-new region for Diego Costa: In between summer season 2014 and also winter 2017, he played for FC Chelsea as well as racked up amazing 52 goals for the blues in 89 league video games. He ended up being the English champion two times with the club.

England is not a new region for Diego Costa: Between summer season 2014 and wintertime 2017, he played for FC Chelsea and racked up exceptional 52 objectives for the blues in 89 league video games. The chance to play again in the Premier Organization was the most essential thing, says Diego Costa.

The opportunity to play once again in the Premier League was the most important thing, says Diego Costa. The reality that numerous Portuguese are in the team will additionally make it simpler to obtain used to it. I am exceptionally encouraged as well as ready to play once again. I recognize that I can aid, yet he says of the discussion with coach Bruno Age, I likewise discussed my current situation, which means that I need my time.

Due to the violation of a player, for whom I can however only desire for the finest, the adjustment was not under the best feasible problems, Diego Costa is priced quote in the club statement of the Wolves on Monday.