The last date of the week in the South Tournament of Rainbow Six shows great clashes where the teams have already been measured over 2 days but in this third it could be different because they already know the hobbies of the rivals, seeking power Straight to the top of the table see that the squads come with all the resources to close the day in the best way.

Starting with a duel between Hawks against May cam Evolve that has a Forbizeraa that hits quite hard to give him the opportunity to raise the flight to the hawks who gradually take the advantage within the map to get separated from the Rivals with a map that was very even for both sides, but the pandas bears send to Overtime where they end with an 8-6 victory.

During the second game we see Taurus against Salinas Gaming in a meeting where sharks begin by biting hard to take advantage rounds but the Salinas squad takes control of the situation with a Kurtz that manages to put Several casualties that enable their teammates to turn the scoreboard getting a 7-6 on the score that gives him the victory.


In the third duel New Pampas faces New stars with a battle that begins with round couples where neither team wants His favor to achieve the final rounds in his favor getting the victory in the match after an even stage.

For the closing of the day we have Leviathan against Furious Gaming with the sea dragon hitting strong in the beginning but making the skull angry who reacted aggressively with the golden bullets of Panchito that they gave in the right places and moments that make FG return to the encounter to be able to take the final victory during the day.

This is how the confrontations of the first week of Sur6 end with a Salinas team placed in the first position of the table, followed New Pampas that is just one point of difference, now The squads will have a week to prepare for the following days when they can modify the positions of the teams but also have more round differences that help them later.