As the official information of the RTX 40 series is released, various global companies that manufacture graphics cards are introducing RTX 4090 and rtx 4080 graphics cards armed with new design and performance. In response to this, we prepared content that simply listed photos and performance for each major manufacturer.

I want to have it at least once! ASUS DOG STRIP

If you talk about high-performance graphics cards, you will not be able to miss the ASUS DOG STRIP. Tricks will also be released as RTX 4090, 4080 (16 GB) and 4080 (12 GB). The new steam chamber and huge heat sink design realized 30% more heat release compared to the existing STRIP 3090.

The Tricks RTX 4090, which boasts a 357 mm length, said that it is a huge size, and it will eliminate the graphics card overheating faster and more efficiently with four 8 mm hit pipes and three 6 mm hit pipes. In addition, the AXIAL-TECH fan shows that it is an increase of 23.8% compared to the STRIP 3090 in the air flow through the AXIAL-TECH fan, and has seven blades and full barrier rings that provide 19.3% more pressure.

The power supply said it has adopted a 12+4 system consisting of 70A power stages. If the two power stages are supported by the GPU, it is said to be 24+4. In addition, the new GPU Tweak III software can control the GPU temperature and fans, and can be set in performance (P mode) and low noise (S mode). It said it would be.

Asus’s high-end products also appealed that the Auto-Extreme manufacturing process, which minimizes human intervention, can expect more stable and long-term performance.

Hexagonal model again this time? Asus turf gaming

Each manufacturer boasted a variety of new technologies, designs, and performance, but considering the road from the 30-series to the release of the 40 series, TURF has always been on the recommended list. Neat design, compliance performance, and the price of competitors that amplify all of this.

Can you get a crown of money in this product? TURF, like Tricks, will support RTX 4090, 4080 (16 GB) and 4080 (12 GB). In this product, it uses a die-cast UniBody Shroud, which directly touches the aluminum backplate, to improve the overall structure and protect the PCB damage, while also improving the airflow. The 3D acrylic TURF logo, which has been changed along the Airflow cover, now provides RGB lighting. It will support 20% more air trend compared to the previous generation of TURF 3090ti.

To supply the necessary power, use a new 16-pin connector of PCIe 5.0 standards. The power connector is placed in a 20K capacitor and a 10+4 configuration to provide a powerful power supply system.

Best-selling TOP 3, MSI Sup rim

If the TURF mentioned above was a pronoun of cost-effectiveness, Sup rim (Supreme) was a larger hexagonal model. Fast and stable heating control was also a gem, but it is said that it is the best overcoming high frequency problem that can only be accompanied by the higher performance of the latest graphics cards.

Can you be praised by gamers who want to build a high-end system again? Personally, the most anticipated Supreme Graphics card will be supported both RTX 4090 and 4080 (16 GB) and 4080 (12 GB), and TORN FAN 5.0, up to 10 core pipes cooled with TRI Froze 3S, new Wave-curved 3.0 It boasts the best heating control system.

The RTX 4090 and RTX 4080 16 GB models will support steam chambers and the RTX 4080 12 GB model will support a huge nickel plating copper baseplate. It is said that it has adopted a design that embodies more armor. Dual BIOS allows users to select and use two modes that emphasize low noise or performance.

water-cooled graphics card that can only be seen as RTX 4090, MSI Sup rim Liquid


When the RTX 30 series was released, Korea was strongly recognized as Please live at the price as a graphics card turmoil. Because of this, it was difficult to attract attention to certain new products, one of which was MSI SEA HAWK, which was introduced as a water-cooled food.

Sup rim Liquid, which is expected to be inherited by Hawk, said it plans to be released only with the RTX 4090 product. The closed liquid cooling system is adopted to support a cooling system that is different from air conditioning. The 240 mm radiator is cooled with a pair of MSI Silent Gale P12 120 mm fans and controls heat through extremely low noise and tremendous air pressure.

Wannabe between the main stream ~ Flagship! MSI gaming trio

The MSI Gaming Trio is also available, which is evaluated for balancing cooling, low noise and price. The MSI Gaming Trio, which adopts the TRI Froze Cooling System, features a new TORN fan 5.0 design that focuses the air flow by combining three fan blades with external links.

It supports metal backplates to prevent damage to graphics cards and excellent for heating. The RTX 4090 model is 3.75 slots and the RTX 4080 model is 3.25 and 3 slots.

Isn’t this a metamorphosis? I’m not Bantus I know

Venus (Bantus), who has a long time in his own design, is the main character of this lineup. Bantus, who had only a good value for money, finally changed its exterior. Bantus, which is equipped with three Torn 4.0 fans, will provide balanced performance through a solid cooling system and enhanced aluminum backplate.


In the RTX 30 series, this product is different, and this product is different. The ZO TAC product of the RTX 40 series, with its clean and understated curved-oriented design, will showcase three models: AMP EXTREME AIR, Trinity OC and Trinity.

AMP EXTREME AIR will support a reverse rotating fan design that enables smooth air flow, extreme power phase design, and metal die-cast backplate that ensures high durability. The Trinity and OC (Overclock) models said they will provide stable power delivery, the highest level of durability, and the smallest noise level.

In particular, AIR, the highest lineup, has attracted a lot of attention as ZO TAC’s new FIRESTORM 3.0, three large fans with great height and blade width, and a huge aluminum pin stack installed.


Gigabyte, where the wonderful eagle logo is impressive, introduced two HORUS products and two Gaming lineup products that handle gaming lineups of more than flagships. Postmaster, Gaming OC and Wind force are they. The Arms EXTREME WATER CE product was also mentioned in the text, but it was excluded because it was not available in the picture.

In this RTX 40 series, the Wind force cooling system, presented by Gigabyte, has been changed to Enforce Bionic system. The adoption of SHARK FAN has been increased by up to 30%compared to existing products, and the noise level is reduced by up to 3dB.

The LCD Edge VIEW on the side of the Arms Master Graphics Card will also provide a system for gamers to listen to text, images, or GIF files. Or you can monitor important statistics in system environments such as power consumption, temperature, and RPM.


From high-end to entry system. Colorful, which offers a wide range of lineups, has also introduced a variety of products. Colorful Vulcan, one of the unintentional two-top products in the high-end graphics card (Balkan, Kingpin, Hope), is a cleaner and more refined appearance, less noise, improved heating control, It is said to be proud. The design of the metallic silver on a black base is still sensational.

The separate magnetic display is a newly created Game Smart LCD and supports two lowly RGB strips that can be customized through the Game Center. In addition, the company plans to support the Balkan support and Game accessories.

In this RTX 40 series, the topic of the Balkan will be water-cooled graphics cards, Colorful Neptune. Unlike the 30-series, the product, which adopts silver and white design, will provide an all-in-one water-cooled solution with a 360 mm radiator, boasting stable performance in extreme overclocking environments.

Tomahawk’s design, which had a long-term design, has changed significantly. The combination of black and red remains the same, but it is attracting the attention of many gamers with its clean appearance and balanced performance.

In nod

InNO3D showed a unique concept of water blocks. RTX 409