In this overview, you can locate all shield obstacles for Restored and also Majestic shield establishes for seekers. This information is drawn from numerous vitamins and also will be inspected twice for their accuracy at the beginning of the occasion.

The return of the Solstice of Heroes occasion in Destiny 2 suggests brand-new series of obstacles and also quest to totally boost your event shield for each and every of the three courses. You will certainly need to play various tasks, encounter different kinds of enemies and also return to EAT intermittently to play suits.

When all challenges are completed, you will certainly need to visit the hero sculpture in the tower as well as meditate to improve your shield.

Renewed armor collection

  • End up 5 public occasions on Census
  • Beat opponents with excellent abilities
  • Overcome the guards in crucible or gambit

  • Finish a race via the Eat

  • Landing 50 information last shots
  • Get over the dropped enemies

Solstice cape

  • Conquer enemies in Eat
  • Collect primary orbs in any kind of task
  • Eliminate the opponents in the EAT using the solar subclass

Solstice vest

  • Complete 5 journeys
  • Recuperate 5 arc orbs in strikes
  • Complete 5 crucible or gambit games

Solstice handles

Solstice mask

  • Finish 5 strikes in the playlist
  • Collect solar orbs in Gambit
  • Unlock 10 solstice bundles

Majestic shield set



  • Finish 10 heroic public occasions
  • Recuperate arc orbs in strikes
  • Get rid of the Cabal making use of the subclass of the day




  • Conquer enemies with primary damages
  • Get rid of adversaries in Eat
  • Beat adversaries with arc tools

  • Finish 10 Gambit video games

  • Gather elementary orbs using a corresponding subdivision
  • Get over adversaries with vacuum cleaner explosives

  • End up 5 patrols on the eds

  • Recoup primary orbs in the EAT
  • Overpower 20 managers

  • Beat the enemies in Strikes utilizing the subdivision of the day

  • Get over adversaries with capabilities
  • As a team, defeated the guards in crucible or gambit using vacuum tools