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Modern Warfare 2: Activision makes major changes in multiplayer before its release

During Call of Duty’s beta phases: Modern Warfare 2, although it was generally well received, there were still several negative points that made players quite perplexed. Among them: the visibility it clearly left to desire, the sound of the enemy’s footsteps, the problems of the lobbies but also the interface that was staggering. Thus, Before FPS Infinity Ward is released on October 28, developers published a report in which all changes made.

Modern Warfare 2 benefits from several improvements before its release

For this work, it seems that the developers heard the many comments of the community during the two beta phases that have recently occurred. As a result, the changes made before the launch of Modern Warfare 2 promises to please players, because the sound of the enemy’s footsteps was improved, as well as visibility and more.

Some weapons have been nervous, the user interface is now clearer and lobbies dissolution should no longer occur. But for the most curious, here are all the details of this new update.

Enemy visibility

  • Diamond-shaped icons were added above the heads of the enemies. This should make it easier for players to identify their opponents in the game
  • In addition, lighting and contrast continued to be adjusted to improve the visibility of the enemy


  • The overall range of the audio of the steps has been reduced, which will allow enemy players to approach their targets before the steps can be detected. They also improved the audio from the steps of teammates, who will now be quieter based on feedback beta
  • The volume range of the sound effect of activation of Dead Silence was significantly reduced

Third person

  • The aim will now be third person for low zoom. Only the high zoom (ADO) scopes and special scopes such as hyids and thermal will return to first person vision. This will improve the third person experience, keeping the game balanced. The reaction to this mod has been very positive and its use as a modifier will continue to be explored.



  • Game weapons were modified based on players’ feedback on beta version and game data. Players can expect more details about weapon adjustment after the launch

IU (user interface)

  • Many user interface updates have been worked to make it easier to access and customize your computer. Improvements in menu navigation have been made and will continue to be optimized


  • Planar, hang on the edge and dive were perfected


  • Some changes have been implemented that aim to reduce the dissolution of lobbies between games

Event victories for Daniil Medvedev as well as Felix Auger

There was a Canadian victor in Basel on Sunday: Felix Auger-Aliasseime won his 13th suit and also his 3rd event in a row. The 22-year-old beat the Danes Holder Rune 6: 3, 7: 5 in the last.

Articles and videos on the topic

  • Tennis celebrity examined positively for doping
  • Leading sporting activity reside on DAZN. Register now! Can be terminated at any time.

The Masters begin in Paris on Monday. All huge celebrities belong to the indoor tournament, consisting of Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Alcatraz.

Auger-Alicassime had previously thrived in Florence as well as Antwerp. In Basel, he beat the Spanish globe rating listing of Carlos Alcatraz in the semi-finals in two collections.

Daniel Mercedes won his second title of the year at the ATP tournament in Vienna. The United States Open victor from 2021 and former globe ranking listed the Canadian Denis Shapovalov as the top seed in the city center with 4: 6, 6: 3, 6: 2.

Mercedes thus resolved the ticket for the ATP finals in Turin (November 13th to 20th).

Henry Cavill will stop playing Geralt de Rivia in The Witcher series

One of the series that liked the most on the Netflix platform is The Witcher , a program that focuses on the adventures of Gerald de Rivia , adapting its personality both of the book and the video game. Part of that great charisma that the public liked is because of the interpretation that gives it Henry Cavils , although there is no good news regarding the actor.

Officially it has been announced very recently that there will be a fourth season of the show, but now Cavils will not return as the beloved character, he has even left a message for followers who follow his work. It doesn’t hurt to comment, that Liam Hemsworth will be his official replacement to embody such an important incarnation.

Here is your message:

My trip like Gerald de Rivia has been full of monsters and adventures and, unfortunately, I will leave my medallion and my swords for season 4. In my place, the fantastic Mr. Liam Hemsworth will take the white wolf’s mantle. As with the greatest literary characters, I spend the torch with reverence for the time I spent embodying Gerald and with enthusiasm to see the Liam version of this man so fascinating and full of nuances. Liam, a good lord, this character has such a wonderful depth, enjoy immersing yourself and seeing what you can find.

This is what Hemsworth commented about it:

As a fanatic of Witcher, I am delighted with the opportunity to play Gerald de Rivia. Henry Cavill has been an incredible Gerald, and I feel honored to give my reins and allow me to assume the white wolf’s swords for the next chapter of his adventure. Henry, I have been your fan for years and inspired me what you contributed to this beloved character. You may have some big boots to fill, but I am really excited to enter the world of The Witcher.

It is worth noting that season 3 of The Witcher will have its premiere next summer. There is no talk of a specific date of premiere.

Xbox Live Gold: free games of November 2022 revealed, there are only two

Microsoft has raised the veil on video games whose Xbox Live Gold members will certainly be able to appreciate throughout the month of November. As its name recommends, the very first is a remastered variation of Pro Studios’ approach game. Carried by Torus Games on gaming consoles, it consists of around twenty missions in Gaul, Italy as well as Egypt, as well as allows you to arrange video games on-line up to 8 players.

Xbox Live Gold-Jeux November 2022

  • Praetorian’s HD Remaster (EUR 19.99): offered from November 1 to 30
  • Stumbling Block Work (EUR 16.99): readily available from November 16 to December 15

We take benefit of the chance to remember that Phil Spencer, the boss of the Xbox branch at Microsoft, lately made it clear that the cost of the Xbox can be modified up as Sony Interactive Home Entertainment did with the PS5. Opportunities are the solutions of the Masonite Xbox Video Game Pass, among other people also impacted.

What is the release day of Nexomon Extinction?

Veto Interactive Inc. likewise promises lots of shocks, additional missions as well as other activities to rise, in addition to an actor of interesting and eccentric characters with whom communicate.


In the game, you will explore numerous areas, locating the effective Dictator Neocon which is so powerful that it constitutes a danger to the globe itself. It will certainly depend on you to sign up with the Tamers Guild as well as do whatever you can to assist them regulate these effective Neocon, who want to dominate all life in the world. The video game also assures a vibrant scaling up of the trouble which will provide you with the best level of difficulty, regardless of where you are or against that you are combating.

_ Extinction of Neocon _, designers Veto Interactive Inc., now has a release day. The beast capture game has to be released on computer, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and also Switch on August 28. The PS4 and the Nintendo Change will certainly both receive physical variations, for those that desire to purchase a box in a box.

_ Neocon: extinctionis a traditional beast capture game, with greater than 300 special Neocon that you can locate, train and record. As you can visualize, the tactical depth comes from the matching of different types of Neocon, and also a number of them are qualified of progressing towards a lot more effective forms.

Telephone call of Obligation – Modern War 2: This is how the progression functions

Phone call of Responsibility: Modern Warfare 2 has ultimately been released-so currently that the project has already been usable for pre-orders considering that November 20. A great deal of things desires to be opened as it ought to be for a Telephone call of Responsibility. The times when you simply unlocked all tools with degree climbs are over.

Infinity Ward has reconstructed the progress system in Telephone call of Obligation: Modern Warfare 2 as well as additionally made complex. We assist you to see.

Up the head leaders

This rises in the level, the maximum level is 55. On the one hand there are tools (we go right into this below), yet on the various other hand, likewise key, and also tactical tools (e.g. grenades), area upgrades, extras (perks) as well as shooting series benefits. At the very first 3 degrees there are also built classes till you can configure your devices on your own from Fourth area.

a great deal of families

As you can see from the top image, the tools of the same platform create a kind of innovation tree. This implies that you have to play with the last, enhance your weapon degree and also opens the other 2 creaks in this way. It functions similarly with all various other tool systems in Call of Responsibility: Modern Warfare 2.

Focus: There are additionally killing devices that are still all alone in their family members. An example of this is the PDSW 528, a Gatling gun. Naturally you likewise level them up when made use of, however this does not bring you a little if you want more weapons offered (omitting the general ranking system). It can well be that Infinity Ward is introducing with future web content updates that are expanding those presently justified.

In old Phone call of Duty sit was the situation that you have actually unlocked all weapons concerning the ranking system. This is the end of Modern War 2, due to the fact that there are now the supposed tool platforms. In the system overview you can see which other weapons belong to this family.

The essays discover it tough to preserve the review

Basically, it continues to be that you unlock it by boosting the level of an argument amplifier. The huge modification in Call of Obligation: Modern War 2 in the direction of the precursors is that you no longer have to earn every accessory separately for each tool. If we take the M4 system again as an example: If you reach degree 3 with its base tool, the FSS-Sharkfin-90 below is offered.

Now it is the case anyhow that you can not install every add-on to all weapons of all kinds. It is only logical that your add-ons do not open for all tools of a system. You have to level the Lachmann-556 at level 8.

Just how you obtain brand-new skins

On top of that, there is the system of weapons mastery: For every murder tool in Phone Call of Duty: Modern War 2 there is a gold, platinum, polyatomic as well as Orion-Skin. As you open it, it is currently disappointed in the game (probably a pest), but they are summed up in the camouflage option under the total classification. You possibly have to unlock all the previous skins of a tool as well as level them up very far till you obtain the chance to make these unique styles. If you after that have the gold looking for a weapon, you have to attain 100 kin while you use it to win a gold presentation and also an ideal company card. The situation is similar with the 3 other skins, only that also more eliminates are needed in situations. If you complete all 4 champion obstacles of a weapon, you obtain an appropriate amulet.

Below, also, you do not have to level up as prior to every weapon in order to furnish them with a specific camouflage. Rather, there are a number of skins for every debate amplifier that you unlock regarding details difficulties (for example, 50 eliminates when looking with the visor), for which you have to achieve a certain weapon level.

Phone call of Obligation now: Get Modern War 2!

The times when you just opened all tools via degree ascents are over. Of course, you additionally level them up when used, however this does not bring you a little if you want much more weapons available (omitting the basic ranking system). If we take the M4 system again as an instance: If you reach degree 3 with its base weapon, the FSS-Sharkfin-90 below is readily available. Rather, there are a number of skins for every debate amplifier that you unlock about specific obstacles (for example, 50 kills when looking through the visor), for which you have to accomplish a certain weapon level. You probably have to open all the previous skins of a weapon as well as level them up extremely much till you obtain the opportunity to make these unique designs.

Gamers pay artists to defend some console war side

Today it seems that the war of consoles has resurfaced from the ashes, because there are people who are against consoles such as PlayStation and there are others that they do not like Xbox . And while everyone discusses in his communities, there are those who have led a level beyond, involving large voice actors, including Mario Castañeda .


In networks a video has circulated where the artist shows his discontent towards the consoles of Xbox , although he does not give any kind of insults or anything similar, he speaks in a polite way to whom the matter corresponds. It is worth mentioning that to give this message it was paid prior, so its legitimacy would be lost almost instantly.

Here is your message:

It is worth mentioning that the message was specifically against Xbox Series S , a console that although it is quite powerful, it has been mentioned that it is limiting the generation not to launch such powerful games. However, these are only speculations that have spread there, so it is not so credible until Microsoft affirms otherwise.

For its part, on the side of Xbox against PlayStation we have the same Alfredo Adam , who spread a message against the piper people, although his paid message was a Little more direct and seriously. Losing the picturesque touch that Mario Castañeda put in his video, and perhaps that could have made more than one fan of PlayStation .

Here you can see it:

Undoubtedly, the consoles war is stronger than ever, more than anything to see who reaches the sum in the new generation, although for now there are no games that squeeze it at all, this for both sides. However, this is an issue that unfortunately will never end, at least until brands no longer exist.

How to state farewell is revealed for November 3


Puzzle Game on the theme of grieving released by ARTE, Exactly How to Claim Bye-bye will be readily available from November 3, 2022. Established by Florian Hellman (Monument Valley 2) as well as Baptiste Portrait (Onion Islands), the title will be playable on computer via Vapor, so Only on Nintendo Switch over, iOS and also Android.


In How to Say Farewell, the gamers will certainly be able to comply with a character a couple of minutes after his death. The story therefore begins with his arrival in an unknown world existing after life, and also tells us regarding his trip via it. The role of the gamers will be to assist the ghost accepted his fatality right here and also to head to the various other side. The trip to this approval will be stressed by other minds, basically humane. Some companions met will certainly be able to help the ghost approve their disappearance as well as lastly leave this limbo that imprisoned him.

To progress in the journey, gamers will certainly have to engage with the atmosphere, in certain on the step of the components of the decor on a grid. The objective is of training course to make your way to the exit, which will certainly be symbolized by a door. Yet beware, because shed minds will try to make the protagonist shed their method and many obstacles will stand on his means.

Characteristics of Exactly How to Bid farewell

COD: Microsoft explains just how great Sony as well as Playstation remain in the video gaming and that the Xbox is truly poor

In the video gaming, a kind of incorrect world can be observed. That you obtain consent to acquire Activision Blizzard and therefore call of obligation, Microsoft talks your very own pc gaming division Xbox regularly bad. Xbox barely contributes on mobile and also PC, with consoles you are also in the last area. Sony and also his PlayStation, on the other hand, represent Microsoft as huge. Sony has been the outright market leader for consoles for two decades, can merely enhance the PS5 rate and also purchase many brand-new workshops.

Where are these declarations from? It is still regarding the okay of the supervisory authorities worldwide that Microsoft can get the company Activision Snowstorm for $69 billion as well as hence also Call of Responsibility.

The supervisory authorities need to consent to the purchase-but Sony suggests against the acquisition in access to the authorities. One directs out that a merging of microsoft and activision Blizzard could produce such a market power that endangers free enterprise:

  • Sony argues that Xbox is already powerful as well as Call of Responsibility is the largest video game in the world. When the 2 points collaborated, there is a powerful titan that nobody can contend with
  • Microsoft, on the other hand, talks small, plays the function of Telephone call of obligation for the PlayStation down as well as brushing Sony to the significant titan

The newest declarations come from an input of Microsoft to the regulators in the UK. The journalist Tom Warren (The Brink) summarized them on Twitter.

Microsoft states: PlayStation even more than twice as large as Xbox

This is exactly how Microsoft talks the PlayStation Grow: Microsoft claims:

  • The Sony PlayStation has actually been the biggest console system in over 20 years. With an installation base of 150 million consoles, the PlayStation is larger than Nintendo and twice as huge as the Xbox
  • Sony is so massive that they could increase the cost for the PlayStation 5 without hesitating that they will certainly send market shares
  • PlayStation is the indisputable market leader with an ongoing market power-there would be greater than 4,000 games on the PlayStation al1. Because a single video game sheds, just can not comprise a lot.

PlayStation had almost 5 times more exclusive title than Xbox in 2021

  • In the previous few years, Sony would have just announced that it would acquire bungee, the makers of the popular online game Fate 2. To do this, they would certainly have obtained shares in from software, the programmers of the largest video game in 2022, Elden Ring, and would be associated with Legendary Gaming, the Fortnite manufacturers.
  • In 2021 there were nearly 5 times much more unique titles for the PlayStation than for the Xbox

So bad Microsoft is: For your own branch Xbox it claims: Xbox

  • Supply the last place in gaming consoles
  • stand in 7th place on PC
  • play no considerable duty in mobile video games

The gamers would barely approve something like cloud gaming anyway. You have no rate of interest in striking the marketplace leader like Sony, Apple, Google or Vapor in any type of way-where can you go.

Sony may not such as competition-but you can adapt


** What adheres to from this?

Microsoft does not intend to do something with call of obligation anyway-that would remain on PlayStation all the same. If the British managerial authority critically take an appearance at Sony’s grievance, you would certainly see that nothing was there.

The authority merely took control of Sony’s grievance without seriously examining it.

There is certainly combating with hard bandages, although every little thing appears so pleasant:

Xbox guarantees the ps5 brand-new Telephone call of responsibility video games just for a few years-Sony is angry, places stress: Not sufficient

** In the video gaming, a kind of incorrect globe can be observed. That you obtain approval to purchase Activision Snowstorm and also thus Call of Responsibility, Microsoft talks your very own video gaming department Xbox constantly negative. Xbox hardly plays a duty on mobile and Computer, with consoles you are also in the last location. Sony as well as his PlayStation, on the various other hand, stand for Microsoft as huge. Sony has actually been the outright market leader for gaming consoles for 20 years, can just increase the PS5 price and also get so several brand-new workshops.

Pico 4: The optimal VR

VR fans, watch out : The PICO 4 connects the latest VR technology with maximum comfort. You can find out from us what makes the new VR headset so special and what the best games for the PICO 4 are.

PICO 4: Top-VR performance thanks to the latest technology

The hardware of the PICO 4 convinces: PICO sets two 2.56-inch-fast LCD screens ** with a resolution of 2,160 x 2.160 pixels per eye. Together, this exceeds the common 4K resolution by 35 percent and lets you enjoy detailed and sharp pictures.

In order to ensure a liquid gaming experience and prevent possible motion-seeing as possible, a high refresh frequency of up to 90 Hertz and a very low latency is used.

The built-in proprietary pancake lens also offers an ultra-wave 105-degree visual field , which gives you an immersive VR experience without distractions. And so that the fun is not up after a few minutes, PICO installs a 5,300 mAh battery with which you can use the VR glasses for 2.5 to 3 hours.

One of the most important aspects of a great VR experience: a good tracking of headset and controllers . A modern optical infrared positioning system works in the PICO 4. It takes over your movements with the controllers and the headset quickly and targeted.

Expense vibration controller and immersive sound experience

Vibration engines are installed in the ergonomically designed controllers for an even more inevitable VR experience. So you are not only in the middle of the action, but also feel the virtual worlds thanks to the realistic haptic feedback also in your hands.

The all-in-one-VR headset also lives up to its name: you don’t even need headphones because the headset has integrated 360-degree stereo surround loudspeaker for a great audio experience.

specifications at a glance

processor Qualcomm XR2, 8 kernels, 64 bit, 2.84 GHz, 7NM processor technology
memory 8 GB RAM + 128 GB hard disk memory or 8 GB RAM + 256 GB hard disk memory
Wireless connections Wi-Fi 6, 2.4 GHz/5 GHz dual-band and Bluetooth 5.1
Display size Two 2.56-inch fast-LCD screens
Display resolution 4,320 x 2,160 pixels (2,160 x 2,160 per eye), 1,200 PPI
Corporate Refrigeration 72 Hz/90 Hz
Optic 105-degree field of view (FOR)
Headset sensors Nine-axis sensor, P-sensor, Hall sensor, motor-driver
Controller sensors 6 axis sensors (gyroscope accelerator)
Audio output 360-degree stereo surround speakers who support 3D room sound
microphone Double microphone with up to 30 dB noise reduction and 50 dB echo suppression
Headset battery 5,300 mAh, lasts about 2.5 to 3 hours with active use
Controller batteries Two AA batteries that last about 80 hours with active use
Operating system PICO OS 5.0

Accessories included | VR headset
2 x controller
4 x AA alkali batteries (1.5 V)
Glasses spacer
Nose pad
2 x controller lanyards
USB-C power supply
USB-C data cable to C-2.0
quick start Guide
User Guide
Security and guarantee guidelines

comfortable headset for longer VR sessions

What does a modern and persistent VR headset bring if it is not comfortable? Here, too, PICO did everything possible to make your VR sessions even more comfortable. Compared to the predecessor, the gadget weighs 26.2 percent less and is 38.8 percent narrower. The weight of the headset is evenly distributed over the front and back, so that you don’t feel an unpleasant train forward or backwards when wearing.

For a non-slip and comfortable hold , the focus ensures closely on the face in connection with the padded edition on the back of the head. Longer VR sessions stands in the way.

PICO Store: Great selection of games & fitness apps


The suitable applications for the PICO 4 can be found in the PICO Store, where new apps and updates come into place every week. There you can expect numerous games and fitness applications **, including VR hits such as The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, After the Fall and Demo.

The store also offers a large selection of videos, concert experiences and sports events , which were specially designed for VR.

Great for long-time VR users: If you already have a VR library on Steam , you can also access it. You can stream over 4,000 Steam games wirelessly on your PICO 4.

Our VR game tips in the PICO Store

So that you can start directly with a few gaming highlights on the PICO 4 , we have picked out some top games in the PICO Store:

Blade & Sorcery: Nomad *: Medieval sandbox with cool physics-based combat system
Super hot VR : Tactical VR puzzle shooter with impressive slow motion effects
Walkabout Mini Golf VR : Fun minimal experience that you can play with friends in a multiplayer
Green Hell VR *: Complex survival game that lets you immerse yourself in the dangerous jungle in the VR variant
A Fisherman’s Tale : Unique VR puzzle game with a touching story
After the fall : Action-rich co-op shooter in the style of a Left 4 Dead
DEMO *: Tabletop role-playing game for a fun game evening with friends
The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners *: Survival horror in the walking-dead universe with a great combat system

to all dancers: Just Dance appears for the PICO 4

For the first time there will be a VR version of Ubisoft’s famous Just-Dance series. Just Dance 2022 VR appeared exclusively for the PICO 4 in 2023 and offers a completely new and intensive dance experience. The PICO 4 is therefore the perfect VR glasses for all dance-loving people.

PICO 4: Order now from MediaMarkt

The PICO 4 can be bought in two variants: with 128 GB memory or with 256 GB memory . There are no differences in the other specifications. No matter how much memory you choose, with the PICO 4 you always get a state-of-the-art headset for numerous hours of the best VR entertainment.

Order PICO 4 all-in-one VR headset with 128 GB from MediaMarkt!

Order PICO 4 all-in-one VR headset with 256 GB from MediaMarkt!

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