It seems joke, but a few months ago many were excited with the Nintendo Direct Mini that was released before the summer came officially, which announced surprises such as the return of Kronor , Pac-Man World , and until the collection of Mega Man: Battle Network . However, something that not many expected was the revelation of near: automata for switch .

With each of the advances, Square Enix has made it clear that he wants to leave a mark once again with the adventure of 2B, 9S and A2, so the trailers have looked good for many of the spectators. It hurts to comment, that many did not have faith due to the limited power of the Nintendo console, even me too, but it seems that optimization was not duty.

I comment this, because a few days ago Square Enix has provided us with a code to make its respective review or comparative, and I can say that I found quite rewarding elements. And that is why I have prepared this small text where I speak of the subtle differences that are identified with the naked eye, this in terms of performance and graphics, since 2017, Atomic already has its Review of the original game.

Let’s start reviewing this new trip where androids join the Nintendo Switch .

A graphic surprise

To begin with, Near: Automata in switch looks better than I thought, because it seems that there is no graphic reduction in characters models and neither the kinematic scenes, which are still epic both in laptop and television. I don’t have an OLED model console, but I imagine that everything will be seen even more striking with this good quality screen.

Of course, I feel that Square Enix had to implement the modification of the subtitles, since as they look quite small, you will have to hit your eyes to the screen on the portable part to reach them to clearly appreciate. In addition, not everything is perfect, since on the semi-open maps there is a slight download in textures, more in structures such as trees and background elements.

Also, it has Pop Up, that is, the appearance of surprise elements, it is not so invasive or anything similar, but it does notice that there are some things that costs it to load the hybrid, especially when we have the load screens. But be careful, all I mention is for users who want to play with the highest possible quality, if in the end you just want to enjoy the title, it is obvious that it will comply without problem.

As for the resolution of the video game, we have 1080p on television mode, so we could even say that it exceeds the version of PS4 and Xbox One , although This is with the fat consoles, with later launches such as pro and One x It is logical that they do not reach the heel. For its part, in laptop reaches the 720p stable, so it reaches the maximum resolution that the little one can give.

fighting that retains your rhythm

Going to the most important part of the game, the fight, I must say that there are not many problems that can be detected, since the 30 pictures per second achieved are stable most of the time. Of course, there are moments that are reduced to 27 or a little less, it happens when the map is extended extensively and when several enemies of tiny size appear on-screen.

There is not much to worry about, because the dowers usually occur in few occasions, the fights with bosses fortunately do not suffer from this, so the errors when avoiding will be totally the player’s failure. The fights are still feeling like a very well rehearsed choreography, since we must know well when to attack, use the dust, and also jump to get out of trouble.

Other aspects of gameplay such as machines hacking or the use of ships is something that will be pleased, because moments in which the game becomes in a shoot up with small ships are fun. Near Automata is a package of surprises that will delight the public. Likewise, the story continues to feel quite philosophical and that makes it distinguish a lot from other franchises.

An option that is addressed to those who never tried it

As a conclusion for this version of near: Automata for Switch , I must say that it is more directed towards an audience that is more familiar with Nintendo, and therefore, they never tested the game because no They went to other options. They will enjoy it every second, either when they put the console on television or if they decide to take it travel to work, school, vacations and more.

On the other hand, those who already played it on other consoles, could not find so many purchase incentives beyond playing it in laptop, it is the same game, only with obvious graphic and performance shortcomings that the most demanding could not like.
However, those who are very fans and buy all the versions, figures of the saga and others, will surely want to have their physical copy on the shelf.
Then, Near Automata For Nintendo Switch It is not at all perfect, but the effort made to the Port, and that if they had thrown laziness would look terrible and run at 10 fps.
Indeed, it is worth buying it, especially for those who never played it in the five years that it has to exist on other platforms.