The new Quest Pro target are already a reality. Thus, Meta , the company of Mark Zuckerberg h presented its new virtual reality glses, the most advanced to date , which present a leading specification, a new design and a price available to few users. So much so, that the new Quest Pro will be soon for sale at a price of nothing more and nothing less than 1,799.99 euros .

The most advanced VR glses on the market

Thus, Meta ensures that the new quest will offer a upper sharpness thanks to their patented pancake lenses that allow to redirect the light towards their optical module, in addition to offering up to 37% more pixels per inch next to a range of a range of Colors 1.3 times wider than the goal Quest 2, reported from the finish line. All this to ensure a high resolution mixed reality that will allow users to interact effortlessly with the virtual world without losing the presence in your physical space in high definition color. And it is that Quest Pro will offer a resolution four times higher ** than that of the current VR Quest 2 glses.

On the other hand, and part of the new design of the new Quest Pro target, the glses come next to the new control controls Quest Pro Touch Meta that include three camer and a mobile processor Snapdragon 662 , which will allow a 360 degree movement reach, according to its creators. This is Quest Pro. It is the first of our new line of advanced devices, built to expand the possibilities of the RV, said Mark Zuckerberg.

Take what people love meta quest 2 and add a lot of new technologies to help do more in detach . It is made for collaboration and creativity, and with the mixed reality incorporated, it allows you to do things that have not been possible before. All this with a beautiful design that is comfortable to carry. Whether you want to work in a new way, and if you simply want the best experiences available today… This marks the pattern , concludes the head of Meta.

Likewise, it is confirmed that the entire goal catalog Quest 2 will be compatible with the new Quest Pro goal: You can continue accessing the catalog of goal applications Quest 2 and enjoy your favorite games, entertainment applications and much more All this for a price of 1,799.99 euros -with delivery planned for October 25-on a pack that includes the following:

  • Quest Pro target glses
  • 2 Meta Quest Touch Pro controllers
  • Load be
  • USB-C current adapter
  • Controller load cable
  • Charger cable
  • 2 pencil tips
  • 2 Partial light blockers (left and right)
  • Cable clamp
  • Protective ce

* Cleaning suede
* 2 straps for dolls