Don’t you want to start a good start in FIFA 23? Then we have the right tips and tricks ** for you. Here you can find out:

  • How you score more easily
  • How you master the new standards
  • How you get better on the defensive
  • How you survive most duels

You don’t know what special movement your player has on the box? Then look at our list of all skill moves.

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score more easily

If you are interested in goal successes (what you should be to win a game), then you have to deal with the new shot mechanism in FIFA 23 .

The biggest change: The new strength shot expands the current gameplay and enables you to easily charge your shot and thus put the ball into the goal with a tasty. But be careful: if you insert too much strength, then the round goes far above the angular and a fan in the stands can look forward to fresh leather.

insert new gear correctly

You should therefore only use the weight shot from the distance **. Keep the left and the right upper shoulder button (L1 + R1 at PlayStation or LB + RB at the Xbox) and press the shooting button. The camera is now slightly zoomed in to the executing player, and you can aim with the stick in the desired direction.

Practice this variant of the shot, since you can mainly make outside the sixteen for some dangerous situations.

If you are too close to the gate, a flat direct shot is recommended. ** Keep the shot button until the bar has filled with a third. If you bolt directly from a flat pass on the gate, even less strength is enough.

insider tip: the outside of

If you want to build even more pressure from a distance, you should choose a player with the ability external retire for the offensive. So you can land particularly artistic hits.

Press L2 or LT if you want to shoot the goal and ensure a green timed finishing value . The result is impressive on the square and in the end result.

Prevent chances thanks to the right defensive

But you shouldn’t just have the score on the box. Also, preventing goals decides on victory and defeat in FIFA 23.

If the opponent is in possession of the ball, remains calm and analyzes his walking paths. ensures that these are delivered by your players and that there are no gaps for quick pass games. To do this, you can hold the left trigger down and move with the attacker’s running direction. Let it go to you and then try to lose weight in a duel at the crucial moment.

Do without Gretchen, because they lead too quickly to a card. instead exert more pressure by quickly pressing the upper right shoulder button twice in a row. So you efficiently take the ball off the opponent and can go directly onto the offensive.

practice the new standards

In depth, FIFA 23 offers some new and modified mechanics. They should increase the game flow and realism. Of course, this ensures that FIFA-22 veterans have to learn things again.

So also the new standards. practice this in the training ground. There is nothing more annoying than if you shoot a penalty. But even with the free kick and the corners, you may miss some valuable opportunities for victory.

What is new is that you decide where your shooter hits the ball and what variant you want to do, for example, during the free kick. Both sticks are now used for this.

With the left stick, give you the direction in which the ball is supposed to fly. The right stick determines where the ball is hit with the foot. This determines, for example, whether the shot is a flutter ball or an outdoor hit with Effect.

This is crucial for the distance and the position to the gate as well as the opposing defense. Those who practice the new standards will have no problems during the current game.

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