As part of the Halloween celebration in 2022, Epic Games launched a special fortnite nightmares event. The new event represents several new functions of the gameplay and returns gaming items. One of them is the escape room event. This is a phased event limited in time, which allows players to earn experience of experience and cosmetic awards after passing each level. To take part in the Fortnite Nightmares escape room Event, you must register on the website using your Epic Games account. The event will last from October 18 to November 1, 2022.

How to register for the Fortnite Nightmares escape room event

To do this, follow these steps.

  • Open the registration website using the specified URL.
  • The website will ask you to enter your account Epic Games. Fill in the necessary data and enter your account.
  • After entering the system, click on the first room to start the Fortnite Nightmares escape room event.

  • You can find all the tasks associated with this room in the column below. Quests for each room are simple things that can vary from catches fish collect some specific materials .
  • You can start the next room after the end of the previous one.

All awards for the event Escape from the room Fortnite Nightmares

  • Award for number 1: terrible intrastate cosmetic emoticon.
  • Award for the room 2: 20,000 XP.
  • Award for room 3: Intrastate cosmetic spray Ochoa.
  • Award for number 4: Intrastate cosmetic packaging NITER AVE.

Remember that after performing certain quests or tasks associated with a certain room, reflection on the website can take up to 1 hour. You can also complete tasks in one of the popular modes of the game.

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