Whether nerfs or lovers, the modifications to numerous weapons in Call of Obligation: Mobil has seen a shift in the meta of arms usage. If you belong to the individuals that favor battles to tool to cross country, you will find the most effective assault rifles in COD: Mobile that match your style of play!

the most effective assault rifles in COD: Mobile

Friedenswächter Mk2

War 6

AS value

The most up-to-date assault rifle, which has actually been contributed to Call of Duty: Mobile, is additionally the existing king of assault rifles. With its crazy damages, variety and accuracy, the Rig 6 is tough to beat. This weapon may not have the rapid fire price that the various other rifles supply in this list, however it is easy to control and regulate, which makes it the very best option for beginners as well as experts of the video game.

AS VAL will constantly be the undeniable king of melee and is the finest fit for gamers that prefer a fire-protected having fun design.


This weapon is the king of melee battles because of its unparalleled fire price and also mobility statistics. Not only that, the AS VAL also has excellent damages as well as good precision, that makes him a great choice for players that like the Ar’s. However, this weapon diminishes as a result of its moderate recoil and also its unsatisfactory range if it is utilized for fights to tool to cross country.

kilo 141

The attack rifle has been at the top for several periods. Nonetheless, the developers have ultimately made a decision to finish the prominence of this weapon. Also after numerous changes, including the minimized variety, the Peacekeeper MK2 is still an excellent option from the abundance of guns in this sector. The Peacekeeper MK2 is an excellent all-rounder with considerable damages and fire price, however its below-average precision makes it tough to use.

After a light lover, Call of Task: Mobile with the M13 there is a new second area in the attack of attack rifles. Because of its fire price, this weapon has constantly been seen as one of the toughest weapons in the video game. Now that it has raised variety and also damage, the M13 is presently a more continuous performance in all ranges (close, tool as well as lengthy). Combined with its respectable precision, extreme fire price as well as decent damage, this makes the M13 a great selection for customers of attack rifles.

Also, after all the nerfs, the kilo 141 earns its location in this list because it has actually maintained its cuts and stamina off well in all locations.

These were the best tools in Telephone call of Task: Mobile. Of course, every weapon fits a various design of play, so make certain you experiment as well as use the very best weapon that fits your video game. See the best settings for Phone Call of Duty: Mobile to achieve the finest efficiency and also experience much less swallowing while playing.

There are more powerful competitors with far better values in the assault rifle group, so be sure to consider the various other weapons prior to transforming your tools!

With a rather similar performance as the runner-up in this checklist, Kilo 141 is an exceptional choice for gamers who choose to fire with their assault rifles at short to medium distances. This weapon has a good price of fire as well as injury, that makes it one of the leaders in the melee section. Since the kilo 141 has a truly reduced recoil, not to mention that it is uncomplicated to make use of.

Call of Duty-Handy is now offered on mobile phones.


It can even be said that this weapon is the ideal due to the fact that it is unmatched at medium to cross countries, yet it is additionally no problem in close-up fights due to the fact that it can stay up to date with several of the finest SMS in Phone call of Task: cellular phone, mobile phone.

  • This article was updated on October 31, 2022

The developers have actually finally determined to finish the prominence of this weapon. Due to its fire rate, this weapon has actually constantly been seen as one of the toughest weapons in the game. The latest attack rifle, which has been added to Call of Responsibility: Mobile, is also the existing king of attack rifles. These were the finest tools in Phone Call of Duty: Mobile. Of course, every weapon fits a different design of play, so make certain you experiment as well as utilize the finest weapon that fits your video game.