Valorant’s ion 2.0 pack ends next Wednesday at 22:00 peninsular time. When a pack of aspects leaves the main cover, another arrives instead, where it will be two weeks so that all those who want to spend their valuing points, and buy this new collection with a very special theme for these dates so indicated.


As they did last year with the Day of the Dead, in this Riot Games it has made a line of skins with the Halloween theme, this line will have a Ghost, a spectrum, a guardian and a Phantom as weapons. When buying the pack they always give you a knife, which this year will be a scythe , something unique in Valorant and so the occasional player will leave the money to buy it.

Riot adapting to current topics

Halloween joins the various theme skins set at various special moments of the year. Christmas, winter or the aforementioned day of the dead , which is also celebrated by these dates, specifically on November 2. As a general rule, they have not been well received, since in this case, Riot has not found the success key, especially in the two winter.

From this new collection of skins we do not have much information about it in terms of price. However, if we pulled newspaper library and look for the price of similar packs, these cost around 5,100 Valorant Points and would not have their own shot by killing the last enemy. The theme of colors, for the moment, we do not know if they will have variants until the patch notes leave or see them already in the game store. If you want Buy a separate weapon, its price could be 1,275 VP.

Once the image of the new collection was published, some users focused especially on the Ghost and the Specter. That many people thought they made a copy and hit with these weapons.