From time to time, FIFA Ultimate Team surprises us. And while that may be because popular mode never sleeps, that can only be good news for players. His last promotion, players out of position, has presented a variety of opportunities to achieve these cards, from thematic objectives to SBC attainable. Today we are here to guide you How to complete the SBC out of the position of Mauro Picardi in fifa 23 .

FIFA 23 Mauro Picardi Out of SBC guide position

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Like Chris Hillock and David RAM before him, this specific sbc only requires compilation. And although Picardi, who currently exercises his trade in the Turkish Super, may not be as attractive as it was once, it is difficult to reject a letter from this caliber if you consider how well a totally Argentine team would look. But we leave that to you.

The requirements are as follows:

Mauro Picardi

  • Min. 1 player from Argentina in your initial eleven.
  • Min. 2 85 OR and more in its initial XI.
  • Min. 84 OR team classification.

FIFA tutorial 23 mauro Picardi Outside SBC position

It happens that this time you can mark two boxes with a card. And, go a little higher than the 85 qualification requirement in a specific instance will allow you to complete the rest of your squad with a good handful of qualified players 83. Not to mention, even a player with a qualification of 82. Imagine that.

Our solution follows below, with the always green warning that the transfers market constantly fluctuates. Keep this in mind as you advance in this compilation.

Mauro Picardi: ~ 35,000-37,000 coins

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Martínez: 2,400
Excess: 2,600
Arturo: 900
Pablo Torres: 850
Lacuna: 12,500
Carlos Solar: 850
Robotic: 13,250
Daniel Elmo: 650
David Silva: 850

Sierpinski: 900
Zapata: 850

Again, Robotic falls at the most pronounced end when it comes to this configuration, but the price of your card with 86 qualification is in line with many of the cards with 85 qualification currently available. To launch a couple of hundreds of extra currencies will give you the flexibility of adding several players with a rating of 83. With respect to Lacuna, it marks the second box with qualification 85, as well as the requirement of argentina.

And that is all you need to know when it comes to completing the Mauro Picardi out of SBC position in FIFA 23 . But if you are looking for more tips on the game, is the indicated place. Be sure to consult our guides that respond how to score chip shots and if this FIFA is the last or not, as well as endless information on the links below.

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