It is the digital field that led the leap every national crisis.

I’m Jingle, the head of the Technology Policy Division of the Korea Information and Communication Planning and Communication Evaluation Institute (IIT), said on the 3rd at the 2023 ICT Industry Outlook Conference held at the El Tower in Yangjae-dong, Seoul.

Although uncertainty has increased due to the situation where the economic conditions of the internal and external and foreign economic conditions are not overwhelming, the digital conversion flow is constant, and the foundation for the economic and social cultural league will come from ‘digital’.

On this day, IIT presented keywords such as semiconductor, artificial intelligence, safety, network, meths, space, robot, mobility innovation, security, and global competition as the top 10 ICT issues to note in 2023.

LIM Jingle said, Next year’s economic conditions are difficult and digital is no exception, but in the process, it should be made into a harm to build up. I have to prepare for it.

■ Semiconductor, a new plate is open

IIT’s first teenage ICT issue next year is semiconductor. The semiconductor may have been named in the main ICT issue, but the keywords that were not presented in the same announcement last year have appeared in the future.

Semiconductor, which occupies a large portion of domestic exports, is expected to have difficulties in the global market share of memory semiconductors. It is also expected to decrease national exports to the decline in semiconductor demand due to the economic slowdown.

Nevertheless, it is noteworthy that the new semiconductor will be the topic of the global ICT version next year.

This is because new semiconductors that will overcome power consumption and computational processing will create new ICT services.

For example, semiconductors used for autonomous driving are showing a flow of miniaturization and simplification, and semiconductors are needed to recognize and process real-time situations according to AI service advancement. In terms of advancement of computing infrastructure, semiconductors for low-power computing have recently been illuminated.

As such, the new semiconductor sector is considered an early staff without a dominant strong. In other words, competition among global semiconductor companies can be more intense next year.

It is also noteworthy that new players are appearing in addition to existing semiconductor companies. Apple introduced a laptop with its own design chipset and developed and unveiled its own chip with 362 grapples performance. Google also unveiled Tense chip to upgrade AI, and Amazon, which started as an e-commerce company, is also challenging Gravity chipset projects.

It is explained that such global big tech companies are attempting to vertically integrate their services and infrastructure with their own design semiconductors.

■ AI development speed, faster than expected

Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer in the confrontation between Alpha go and Lee Medal. This is because it is developing faster than expected with extensive data accumulation and computing power.

Compared to Moore’s Law, which the number of transistors accumulating in semiconductors doubles every one to two years, the AI is developing 50 times faster than this. In the past, if AI had attracted public attention in the chess and Go sector, it has now entered the field of creation as a unique area.

As such, the development of AI is rapidly progressing, but if you look at the introduction of AI in Korea, the actual service use rate is less than 15%. Even this is using AI for fragmentary customers. It is pointed out that the domestic AI is not enough compared to the speed of technology innovation.

That’s why we need to keep an eye on the development of AI next year.

LIM Jingle cited algorithms and operations as the innovation of AI next year. The algorithm is developing to be close to human intelligence based on the AI, and it should be noted that the computational processing speed to support the AI with Exercycle computing is improving.

As a result, a new aspect of multimodality AI is developed, and AI, which has developed around the language model, is expected to increase its utilization throughout the socio-economic through flexible thinking and flexible thinking.

In addition, the problem of reliability, the biggest obstacle to the spread of AI, is also noteworthy next year. Technical institutional discussions are in full swing to realize reliable artificial intelligence, and access to AI is increasing due to no code and low code.

■ Digital transition era, safety topic

Digital disasters are a topic that cannot be overlooked in Korea at the present time.

In the past, many digital disasters occurred, but at the time, the paralysis of large platform companies, such as recent Aka disorders in the digital hyper-connected society where the digital connection maximized, was maximized at the time, but the paralysis of a large platform company like recent Aka disorders. It was confirmed that it was influential.

It is an issue that has become more concerned about digital sovereign economy security beyond the suspension of services of certain companies.

LIM said, The digital transformation that runs around performance is the time to catch two rabbits in the future.

In addition to the safety of digital services, it is also time to think about how to keep everyday safety digital. For example, the recent Taejon disaster means that digital should be developed to eliminate safety blind spots.

■ Mobile communication network centered on the ground, the universe

In the meantime, telecommunication network technology has been developing in about 10 years. Mobile phones have emerged, text services have been combined, and video service is possible.

Here, the future communication development is expected to be the structural expansion of the space. In the ground-centered mobile communication network, the era of three-dimensional structure combined with space is approaching.

The space Internet era is in full swing.

Companies such as SpaceX and Amazon are spurring the launch of low-track communication satellites to preoccupy space Internet generation. This competition is expected to accelerate over the universe without owners.

In addition, satellite telecommunication terminals, such as the recently released Apple iPhone, are expected to be in full swing next year, and at the same time, related services are expected to increase.

It is noteworthy that space Internet can surpass the limitations of the expansion of the service of the ground network-centered network. It can be a means of guaranteeing connectivity in the disasters on the ground, including network connections in the islands.

Both are indispensable in the network field. This is because the new paradigm has become a technology that comes out of the world beyond the laboratory. First, the quantum cancers are commercialized in the fields of medical, aerospace, and the space, and quantum sensors are also expanding their use in the medical and defense sectors.

■ Megabus, the market settlement attempt to settle down in earnest

The cynicism of the clouds with meta buses also goes. It is a criticism that there was nothing to eat at the rumored feast. Metals was considered the hottest issue in the spread of non-face-to-face culture, but it did not meet the expectations of the public.

This is considered the absence of killer services. There is a lot of fun, but there is no service that has been properly established to stay at the level of hobbies and spread to the economic area. LIM pointed out that not only the development of web technology, but also the combination of complex technology, but the technology did not go on orbit.

As a result, in the meths field, the company’s attempt to settle the market will be in earnest next year.

First, the development of the content and device fields is noted. In Korea, K-Soft Power is noteworthy. The most important factor in spreading economic industries is culture. In addition, no matter how much content is, we need a device to see it.

The NFT seems to be reducing expectations after receiving nearly attention with Meths. Nevertheless, it is regarded as the main weapon that will lead to virtual space in the field of meths. NFT has featured scarcity such as early art works, but recently, it has shown examples in conjunction with reality such as membership and real estate investment proof.

LIM said, Metals has no doubt as a future platform, but the NFT role has increased to expand into the economic area.

■ Space Age, Data-SW attention

In 1992, the first satellite of our star was made in space 30 years after our first satellite came to space. As such, this year is considered a year of growth in the growth of the space industry.

Space technologies are important for projectiles and satellites, but they are considered to be a total intensive body of digital technology.

First, we can’t miss the explosive increase in space data. As the satellite industry grows, space big data will increase exponentially. In addition to the data looking at the universe, the data of the earth from the universe means that it is not easy.

The importance of the cloud is growing to accommodate such data. It is not very surprising that Google, AWS, and MS have already entered the space cloud.

In addition, the use of edge computing is essential to overcome the physical limit of the distance between the universe and the earth. This means that real-time data analysis is required directly in space, rather than drawing space data to the ground and then computing.

With space development, software (SW) power generation is expected to be made. It is full of SW’s new markets in the space industry, such as SW, exploration data video processing SW and Shim Book Exploration SW, which are necessary for the production and launch operation stage such as the projectile design SW to the launch control SW.

In addition, due to the nature of the space industry, public and private cooperation is essential because it is accompanied by high cost and high risk. As a result, the importance of open source SW is expected to expand as a medium of public and private.

■ The function of the robot · Breakthrough space limit

The development of the robot was also considered an issue next year. The combination of AI and the cloud is that functional development has been in full swing beyond the development of mechanical robots.

Economic feasibility to lower technical stability and introduction barriers still remains a challenge, but if it solves this, the commercial use of humanoid robots is expected to spread.

In addition, IIT is eye-catching by expanding the concept of robots into space.

In the case of the 5G, which has recently been in full swing in Korea, the building itself becomes a new type of business space that is platformed, and it can be seen as a kind of robot.

■ Mobility that crosses the sky

Mobility’s innovation has been regarded as an ICT hot issue for many years. If autonomous vehicles and electric cars have attracted mobility issues, the UAM has made a name in the field to notice.

It is noteworthy that the UAM has made a battle against the sky.

LIM said, The distance is 25 km, and the UAM is faster than the car. The city’s radius is about 20 km, and the UAM can expand the radius of the city to 100 ~ 150 km.

If the radius of the city is so wider, it will not only be the innovation of mobility, but also change the landscape of life. UAM was scheduled to be introduced in the metropolitan area in 2025. It will begin in the form of a limited autonomous port, but nevertheless, it means that it is not a distant future story.

Safety is the most important factor depending on the characteristics of air traffic. As a result, institutional preparation is considered as a priority requirement before the sky road. It is an issue that should be noted more than anything else next year.

■ Defense 1 element… Digital

Digital is changing the war. Drones are attacking in the Russian and Ukrainian wars, and have been carried out since Russia’s invasion. In War Games, the result of the digital war overwhelming the army with conventional weapons is constantly.

The possibility of disputes between China and Taiwan is increasing, and the Korean Peninsula is also forced to worry about digital security as the crisis is rising.

With the advancement of cyberattacks, the battlefield is expanding from the center of the land to the cyber area. Zero Trust, which has no perfect security, has also been re-examined. The decline in troops due to the decline in population has also become visible.

It is no longer digital in the defense field.

LIM noted that technology has changed from the past. I heard a DARPA case.

DARPA is a research and development agency in the US Department of Defense and is well known for the birth of the Internet. In addition, PC mouse, microwave, and voice recognition technology began in DARPA. The technology made in DARPA reviewed the application to the defense field.

On the contrary, the speed of recent digital conversion and technology innovation is the level of defense. In other words, private technology should enter the defense and lead digital-based innovation.

■ Continued hegemony competition… Digital initiative is deepening

China’s check on China will continue, and China is also expected to strengthen its Owenism. Beyond the export control of certain items, the competition for hegemony in the digital field is expected to intensify.

Competition of hegemony centered on corporate services has been transferred to the field of production equipment, and now all areas such as digital and intellectual property (IP) have been the tools and purpose of leading leadership fighting between countries.

At the same time, resources such as rare earths, which are essential for semiconductor production, have also become a hegemony-competitive weapon. The nationalism of resources is also expected to continue to spread. Since the crisis of raw material supply chain is expected to intensify, the demand for national countermeasures for resource independence is inevitably stronger.

The biggest battlefield in hegemony is to move from technology to talent.

LIM said, If technology is the result, talented people can continue their competitiveness, he said.

It is explained that each country will be in full swing with the development of talent. It is also prepared for that global companies will attract talent with huge capital.