As we understand, at CCP Gaming, we are triggered to relaunch passion around Eve Online as well as for a couple of months, the Icelandic author has not thought twice to connect around the narrative Uprising extension.

After a couple of details as well as presentation trailers, it is time to interact its day of release, brewing, since it is on November 8 that it will be possible to discover what awaits us in this big substantial DLC.
We understand for instance that 16 unreleased vessels unpublished with the big fleet will certainly show up, understanding that each empire will receive new frigates, war cruisers, destroyers and also various other dreadnought permitting Capsules to enjoy new ways of battling, connecting and exploring
with the world.
At the same time, we are additionally entitled to a trailer to show these new features and put us in the mood.
Below it is.